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Dubbed ‘The King of Horror’, Stephen King has written some of the most successful (and terrifying) stories of all time, many of which have gone on to become critically acclaimed films. All of those ideas… inside one guy’s head. It’s sort of hard to believe, isn’t it? He’s made his mark on the world through his writing, establishing himself as a modern legend! Now, Funko has definitely immortalized him in their adorable Pop! style!

And now Funko has just revealed in its Funkoween 2020 Event two new Funko Pops of him. The first is a Books-A-Million exclusive, and it includes his cute Corgi Molly aka The Thing of Evil dog. The next Stephen King Funko Pop is an FYE Exclusive. This one will be taking after his hit series IT, as he is holding the iconic red balloon.

 These are two great Pops that Stephen King fans will defiantly want to own for their collection.

If you are interested in spooky pops, the Funkoween 2020 Event made a series of horrifying Halloween Funko Pop themed announcements. The event summary can be found in the Funko POP! Halloween in May 2020 [List, Gallery, Exclusives]

Funko Pop! Icons: Stephen King

Celebrate Funkoween!!

Funko Pop! Icons – Stephen King with … Stephen King with Molly aka The Thing of Evil and Stephen King With Red Balloon
These pops are Books a Million and Fye Exclusive.

They can be found here:


Expected date: Oct 2020

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