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Funko Pop! Marvel: Deadpool  30th- Deadpool in Cake (Metallic) 

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The Funko Pop! Marvel: Deadpool  30th Anniversary – Deadpool in Birthday Cake (Metallic) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure- 7-11 Exclusive is now available and can be found at the links below.

Conceived by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, Deadpool, or Wade Wilson, first appeared as a villain in New Mutants comics in 1991.

The anti-hero was intended as a parody of the Deathstroke, a DC Comics mercenary who uses weapons and high technology during combat. Besides using the same combat tactics, the two characters have very similar names (Wade and Slade), making the creators’ intentions even more explicit.

Over time, Marvel’s charismatic mercenary who won’t shut his mouth has gained fans and more space in the comics. Although he started as a villain, Deadpool has often acted on the team of good guys and usually follows his own rules.

In the comics, the character has been part of several superhero groups, such as The Avengers, The Thunderbolts, a group of anti-heroes and “good guy” villains, and X-Force.

Even with this good side, Deadpool is also evil, murderous, and cruel. In one of his most remembered comics, Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, the anti-hero murders all of Marvel’s characters, as well as the scriptwriters of his own story!

Celebrate the anti-hero 30th Aniversarsary! The 7-11 exclusive Deadpool In Cake Metallic Funko Pop! is now available!

Funko Pop! Marvel: Deadpool 30th Anniversary – Deadpool in Birthday Cake (Metallic) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure- 7-11 Exclusive

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