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Funko Pop! Marvel: Infinity Warps - Funko Fair 2021

Funko just unveiled a new line of Funko Pop! figures inspired by the Marvel Comics Infinity Warps. We have already seen three of these figure releases as Walgreens Exclusives, but now we are getting new characters and new molds.

The Infinity Stones have distorted reality, a new universe was created, the hero’s powers were merged, and new hybrid characters were created.

It all started on Twitter with the mysterious hashtag #WhoGetsWarped. In turn, authors Al Ewing, Ben Blacker, Gerry Duggan, artist Humberto Ramos and even Marvel Comics boss C.B. Cebulski posted drawings by Ramos, the result of real mash-ups of these emblematic characters.

There will be both exclusive and shared releases. Here’s the Marvel: Infinity Warps Funko Pop! list coming from the Funko Fair 2021 event:

  • Soldier Supreme Funko Pop!
  • Iron Hammer Funko Pop!
  • Arachknight Funko Pop!
  • Ghost Panther Funko Pop!
  • Madame Hel Funko Pop!
  • Diamond Patch Funko Pop!
  • Iron Hammer 10-inch Jumbo Funko Pop!- Walmart Exclusive
  • Weapon Hex Funko Pop! – Hot Topic Exclusive
  • Soldier Supreme Glow-In-The-Darl (GITD) Funko Pop! – Amazon Exclusive
  • Iron Hammer Glow-In-The-Darl (GITD) Funko Pop!  – Target Exclusive
  • Ghost Panther With Chain Glow-In-The-Darl (GITD) Funko Pop!  – GameStop Exclusive
  • Hot Rocks Funko Pop!  – Funko Shop Exclusive

Infinity Warps pops are expected to start shipping in June, but they are all available for pre-order in the links below.

Funko Pop! Marvel: Infinity Warps – Soldier Supreme, Iron Hammer, Arachknight, Ghost Panther, Madame Hel, Diamond Patch, Iron Hammer 10-inch (Walmart), Weapon Hex (Hot Topic), Soldier Supreme GITD (Amazon), Iron Hammer GITD (Target), Ghost Panther GITD (GameStop) and Hot Rocks (Funko Shop) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures – Funko Fair 2021

Available at:

Entertainment Earth
Pop Citi.
Amazon (Exclusive)
GameStop (Exclusive)
Walmart (Exclusive)
Hot Topic (Exclusive)
Target (Exclusive)
eBay (Hot Rocks)

Expected Date: Jun 2021

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