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Funko Pop! Marvel Venom - Jack O'Lantern - Funkoween 2021

Jack O’Lantern is host to Venom in this new Funko Pop! Marvel Venom – Jack O’Lantern Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Hot Topic Exclusive.

Venom is one of Spidey’s most beloved villains and is famous for his black uniform and for being invisible to Peter Parker’s “Spidey-sense”. However, there are several facts about the character that are a mystery to many fans. One of them is that he usually makes Jack O’Lantern’s life hell around Halloween time…

Among witches, vampires, and monsters, one figure stands out during Halloween celebrations. I’m talking about Jack O’Lantern, the name given to the famous decorated and illuminated pumpkin traditionally used in Halloween festivities.

Now, apparently, he found himself a friend, and the infamous duo are ready for some nasty trick and treat. Jack O’Lantern as Venom is now available for pre-order at the links below. It’s expected to ship in August 2021.

Funko Pop! Marvel Venom - Jack O'Lantern Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure - Hot Topic Exclusive

Very famous in the USA, the luminous pumpkin called Jack the Lantern has an origin based on legends.

An Irish legend says that one day the devil came down to take the soul of a thief named Jack. However, Jack managed to trick the devil by making him promise never to take his soul.

After living a long life, Jack tried to pass through the gates of heaven but could not. He had lived a life of evil. So he tried to enter hell, but the devil refused to let him in. Jack was prevented from entering heaven and hell.

As Jack entered the darkness of the afterlife, he complained that he could not see. The devil laughed at him and threw a glowing ember at him. Jack eventually turned the ember into a lantern using a turnip he had in his pocket.

He became Jack O’Lantern, doomed to walk lonely and aimlessly around the earth with no place to go. But not for long…

You can find all the Funkoween 2021 releases on my dedicated page here.

Funko Pop! Marvel Venom – Jack O’Lantern Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Hot Topic Exclusive

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