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Funko Pop! Marvel Venom: Poison Captain America

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Funko Pop! Marvel Venom: Poison Captain America Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure the Pop in a Box Exclusives collection!

This Pop! is based on the Marvel Comics Hive Arc, when a group of interdimensional creatures known as Poisons invade Earth-17952. Poisons can assimilate Symbiotes, such as Venom, and similarly, make their hosts become more powerful!

The Hive was first encountered when Doctor Strange stumbled upon a Symbiote being hunted down by the Poisons. In an attempt to stop the Hive’s Multiversal quest for domination, Strange summoned other Venomized heroes, villains, and antiheroes to form a Resistance. However, the Poisons saw this as an opportunity to expand their ranks, and most members of the Resistance were assimilated.

This included Captain Venom, the Venomized version of Captain America and the field leader of the Resistance, transforming him into Poisoned Captain America!

However, the Hive’s control was not absolute as some heroes resisted being consumed, namely, Poison DeadpoolPoison Marvel Girl, and Poison Carnage. Do you think what’s left of the Resistance can save everyone else, including those like Cap, who were assimilated?

Funko Pop! Marvel Venom: Poison Captain America Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Pop-In-A-Box Exclusive

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