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If you watched episode 9 of WandaVision, you saw the long-awaited transformation of Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) into the Scarlet Witch.

The new Funko Pop! Marvel WandaVision – Scarlet Witch Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure is Hot Topic Exclusive and features Scarlet Witch in her exceptional new suit. A perfect blend between the Marvel Comics costume and her look in previous Marvel Studios films.

After nine episodes, the gateway to the new phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. WandaVision, Marvel’s first original series for Disney+, came to an end and closed a journey that is really just the beginning.

There are ambiguous post-credit scenes, which at the same time assume a premonitory character about the direction Marvel’s cinematic universe might take. The doors to the multiverse are open. Given that the sequel to Doctor Strange is subtitled The Multiverse of Madness, Wanda Maximoff is expected to play a vital role there and continue the journey that began in WandaVision.

It is expected that some of the elements presented in WandaVision will be fully revealed in the next series and movies of the saga. The next stage of phase four of Marvel’s cinematic universe comes with the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, coming to Disney’s streaming platform on March 19.

The Scarlet Witch Funko Pop! is available at Hot Topic. Links for pre-order can be found below.

Funko Pop! Marvel WandaVision – Scarlet Witch Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Hot Topic Exclusive

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