Funko Pop! Marvel: X-Men Classic Black Light Collection

Funko Pop! Marvel X-Men Classic Black Light Collection - Target Exclusive

Funko has just released this incredible new line of Marvel X-Men Black Light Pop! Vinyl Figures as Target Exclusives, featuring some of your favorite X-Men heroes!

This wave features four of Marvel’s most iconic heroes in Rogue, Deadpool, Gambit, Magneto, and Wolverine. Each Black Light Pop! comes with a unique design that gives the impression they’re producing a neon glow under a black light. The best part? No blacklight is required! Here’s the line-up:

The X-Men are a superhero team from Marvel Comics. The characters were created in 1963 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. X-Men depicts a world where a small proportion of people are mutants, whose possession of superhuman powers makes them distrusted by normal humans.

After humans, mutants are certainly the most abundant beings in the Marvel universe. They are extremely powerful Homo superior, capable of destroying entire planets.

X-Men is one of the best-known hero groups in pop culture. For almost 60 years, they have dominated comics, animation, games, and movies. Regardless of the media, you have surely come across Charles Xavier‘s disciples taking on Magneto and fighting for peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans.

The Target exclusives Marvel Black Light Pops will be available for preorder on 3/26 at 6 AM PT at the links below.

Funko Pop! Marvel: X-Men Classic Black Light Collection

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