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Pop! Marvel Zombies - Silver Surfer

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When the Silver Surfer arrived to inform the zombies that Galactus would shortly be coming to consume their world, they attacked him. After a short battle, he was defeated when his head viciously bitten off by Hulk and his incredible hunger …

The infected heroes of Marvel Zombies are driven to consume living flesh and have ravaged the Earth in days… but the zombies are only interested in eating. They overpower Silver Surfer, peel away his silver exterior, and eat what’s inside.

Marvel Zombies is perhaps the most bizarre run in the entire comic franchise… and fans love it. And now you can revive your fave superheroes’  goriest moments with the Silver Surfer Zombie Funko POP Vinyl Figure and all the other Marvel Zombies pops.

The Marvel Zombie Silver Surfer Pop Figure is a Hot Topic exclusive, and he’s available for pre-order in the links below.

The dead will walk again….

Marvel Zombie Silver Surfer Funko Pop (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Available at:

Hot Topic

Expected date: Sep 2020

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