Funko Pop! Masks: New Product Alert! - Funkoween 2021

Funko Pop! Masks
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Funkoween is in full effect and this year. Funko is marking the occasion by jumping into another new category: Costumes and dress-up. Prepare for the holiday with the new Funko Pop! Masks.

Disguise Inc. inked a multi-year licensing deal with Funko to design, market, manufacture, and distribute an all-new product expression called Funko Pop! Masks. The oversized masks feature the Pop! brand’s aesthetic and are designed to be wearable and displayable. In the interest of collectibility, each style will be produced in limited runs.

The initial line is available to preorder from Amazon and includes iconic characters such as Batman and Harley Quinn, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Ghostbusters), Pennywise (It), and Jack Skellington and Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas). Next year, the line will expand with more than 30 new styles from a variety of additional licensors.

Disguise’s Pop! Masks collection will be available on later this year.

Source: Toybook

Funko Pop! Masks

You can find all the Funkoween 2021 releases on my dedicated page here.

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