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With the brilliant Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton created a dark and romantic pop fairy tale for adults around the melancholic scissor man Edward, who, with his sharp blades, hurts himself more than others and yet hardly ever gets close to people.

Peg, a cosmetics saleswoman, tries her luck for once in the old castle on the hill, where she suddenly meets Edward, a pitiful creature left there by her deceased creator and equipped with a complicated scissors construction instead of hands. Peg patches up the numerous wounds and takes the lonely and deeply sad boy back to his home, where he is accepted as a new family member. His incredibly nimble scissor hands attract the attention of the whole neighborhood, and soon his extraordinary talents as a gardener, cook’s assistant, and hairdresser make the rounds. But when he meets Peg’s daughter Kim for the first time, he falls madly in love with the blonde beauty, which is not welcome in the small-minded suburb. The mood changes completely when Edward’s otherness suddenly starts to cause fear…

To celebrate one of Burton’s films in which the master’s signature is most clearly recognizable, Funko has now announced a whole wave of Edward Scissorhands Pop Figures. These will be his first wave since his solo release in 2013!

In total, new six figures were revealed.  Five versions of Edward Scissorhands: in All-Leather Outfit; a deluxe version With Dinosaur Shrub featuring Edward cutting the hedges; in Dress Clothes with the clothes given to him by Peg; in Purple Face Mask (Books-a-Million Exclusive); and with Kirigama (Walmart Exclusive) as he appears in show-and-tell day. Finally, the last Edward Scissorhands figure is the pure gem Winona Ryder’s character Kim Boggs with her white dress on. This whole wave is a wonderful start for an Edward Scissorhands collection, and the added Kim Boggs pop is a jewel.

The new 2020 Pop! Movies: Edward Scissorhands Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures wave are scheduled for an August 2020 release. Pre-orders are already live and can be found below.

If you are interested in spooky pops, the Funkoween 2020 Event made a series of horrifying Halloween Funko Pop themed announcements. The event summary can be found in the Funko POP! Halloween in May 2020 [List, Gallery, Exclusives]

Funko Pop! Movies: Edward Scissorhands - Edward Scissorhands & Kim Boggs

Celebrate Funkoween!!

Funko Pop! Movies: Edward Scissorhands with … Kim Boggs and 5 versions of Edward Scissorhands: All-Leather Outfit, With Dinosaur Shrub, in Dress Clothes, in Purple Face Mask and with Kirigama

Available for pre-order at:

Entertainment Earth

Expected date: Aug 2020

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