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Robocop Funko Pop Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Available Exclusively at:

Entertainment Earth

In a world where justice teeters on the edge of chaos, one hero stands unyielding, forged from the fires of technology and duty. That hero is RoboCop. Now, encapsulated in a form that’s equal parts adorable and formidable, the Entertainment Earth Exclusive RoboCop is ready to join your collection and bring law and order to your shelves. Launching today at 9 am Pacific Time, this exclusive figure is more than just a collectible—it’s a piece of the RoboCop legacy, ready to protect and serve in the epic saga of your imagination.

The Dawn of a New Era: RoboCop’s Galactic Assignment

The Rise of a Hero

The original RoboCop, also known as Officer Alex Murphy, was a man transformed into a cybernetic law enforcer after a near-fatal encounter with the criminal underworld. Programmed to uphold the law and eliminate crime, RoboCop patrolled the dystopian streets of Detroit, bringing hope to a city plagued by corruption and violence. But what if his mission extended beyond the confines of Earth?

EE Exclusive Robocop

A New Threat from the Stars

In a universe fraught with peril, a new threat emerges from the depths of space. The sinister entity known as Overlord Zarnox commands an army of rogue androids, spreading chaos across the galaxy. Their mission: to conquer and enslave every world in their path. The United Galactic Federation, in dire need of a savior, calls upon the one hero whose reputation for justice is unmatched—RoboCop.

Funko Pop! RoboCop: The Ultimate Galactic Guardian

Design and Features

The Funko Pop! RoboCop figure is meticulously designed to capture the essence of the iconic character while adding a futuristic twist. Standing at the standard Funko Pop! size of approximately 3.75 inches, this figure is a true embodiment of RoboCop’s enduring legacy. Here’s what makes this figure a must-have:

  • Armored Precision: RoboCop’s armor is rendered in a sleek, silver metallic finish, evoking the indestructible nature of his cybernetic body. The attention to detail in the armor plating, complete with its futuristic textures, showcases the figure’s superior craftsmanship.
  • Visor of Justice: The iconic black visor, synonymous with RoboCop’s relentless pursuit of justice, is perfectly replicated. Behind this visor lies a mind enhanced by cutting-edge technology, always calculating the best course of action to protect the innocent.
  • Ready for Action: In his right hand, RoboCop wields a high-tech blaster, an essential tool in his mission to defend the galaxy. This weapon, coupled with his enhanced reflexes and targeting systems, makes him a formidable adversary for any foe.
  • Exclusive Status: As an Entertainment Earth exclusive, this Funko Pop! figure is a limited edition, adding a layer of rarity and desirability. Collectors and fans alike will appreciate the unique status of this figure, making it a prized addition to any collection.

A Galactic Saga Unfolds

Join us as we delve into the epic narrative of RoboCop’s cosmic journey—a story that transcends the boundaries of Earth and ventures into the vast expanse of the galaxy.

Mission: Planet X

RoboCop’s first destination is Planet X, a once-thriving world now under siege by Zarnox’s android legions. The planet’s inhabitants, the Xandorians, have called for help, and RoboCop answers. His arrival is marked by a fierce battle, with laser blasts illuminating the night sky. Utilizing his advanced combat protocols, RoboCop decimates the enemy forces, liberating the planet and restoring peace.

The Alliance of Heroes

Throughout his journey, RoboCop encounters other legendary figures who share his commitment to justice. Together, they form the Alliance of Heroes, a coalition dedicated to thwarting Zarnox’s nefarious plans. Among them are:

  • Captain Starfire: A fearless space pilot with unmatched aerial combat skills.
  • Lunar Lynx: A cunning strategist with the ability to blend into the shadows.

With the combined might of the Alliance, RoboCop leads daring missions across the galaxy, each more perilous than the last.

The Final Confrontation

The climax of RoboCop’s interstellar saga is the inevitable showdown with Overlord Zarnox. Aboard Zarnox’s colossal flagship, the two titans clash in a battle of epic proportions. RoboCop’s unwavering determination and advanced combat systems are pushed to their limits, but justice prevails. The galaxy is saved, and RoboCop’s legacy as a galactic guardian is cemented.

The Collector’s Call to Action

Why You Need This Funko Pop! RoboCop

As a fan and collector, the Funko Pop! RoboCop is more than just a figure—it’s a symbol of hope, justice, and resilience. Here’s why it deserves a place in your collection:

  1. Nostalgic Value: For those who grew up watching RoboCop, this figure is a nostalgic reminder of the hero who fought against all odds to uphold justice.
  2. Exquisite Craftsmanship: The detailed design and exclusive status of this figure make it a standout piece in any collection. It’s not just a toy; it’s a work of art.
  3. Conversation Starter: Displaying this figure on your shelf or desk is sure to spark interesting conversations with fellow fans and collectors. It’s a testament to your appreciation for iconic characters and epic storytelling.
  4. Investment Potential: As a limited edition, this Funko Pop! figure has the potential to increase in value over time. Adding it to your collection now could be a smart investment for the future.

How to Secure Your Funko Pop! RoboCop

With the launch happening today at 9 am Pacific Time, time is of the essence. Here are a few tips to ensure you don’t miss out:

  • Set a Reminder: Mark your calendar and set a reminder for the launch time. Being punctual can make all the difference in securing this exclusive figure.
  • Check Retailer Websites: Head to Entertainment Earth or other authorized retailers to make your purchase. Ensure you have your account details ready for a swift checkout process.
  • Join Collector Communities: Engage with online forums and social media groups dedicated to Funko Pop! collectors. These communities often share tips and updates on exclusive releases.

Embrace the Legacy

The Funko Pop! RoboCop is a celebration of a timeless hero. By adding this figure to your collection, you’re not only honoring the legacy of RoboCop but also becoming a part of an epic narrative that spans the galaxy. Don’t miss your chance to own this exclusive piece—join the ranks of collectors who appreciate the blend of nostalgia, craftsmanship, and storytelling that Funko Pop! embodies. Secure your Funko Pop! RoboCop today and let the adventure begin.

Available Exclusively at:

Entertainment Earth

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