Funko Pop! Pin: Friends Pop! Pins

Funko Pop! Pin Friends Large Enamel Pop! Pins

Friends are here, in Pop! Pin form! The all-new collectible 4-inch pins are available for pre-sale now! Which of these enamel pins are your favorites? Pre-order the whole crew now!

If you made a list of the world’s favorite television series, Friends would undoubtedly get the first place. One of the most successful television series, “Friends,” certainly marked the generation of the 90s and 2000s. During the more than 230 episodes of the sitcom, divided into ten years of history, a lot happened, leaving us references for life.

Here’s the complete line-up from the latest Friends Funko Pin collection:

  • Rachel Large Enamel Pop! Pin
  • Phoebe Large Enamel Pop! Pin
  • Joey Large Enamel Pop! Pin
  • Chandler Large Enamel Pop! Pin
  • Ross with Monkey Large Enamel Pop! Pin
  • Monica Large Enamel Pop! Pin

Standout and accessorize with these adorable Pop! Pins! All these Friends Funko Pop! Pins measure about one 1/2-inches in diameter and comes bagged and on a card back. It’s a whole new world once you have them on! Available for pre-order in the links below.

Funko Pop! Pin: Friends Large Enamel Pop! Pins

Available at:

Entertainment Earth

Starting now, you can receive 10% off in-stock items with my special link at Entertainment Earth!

Entertainment Earth


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