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Funko Pop! Pin: Masters of the Universe Pop! Pins

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Masters of the Universe are here, in Pop! Pin form! The all-new collectible 4-inch pins are available for pre-sale now! 

He-Man and his friends defend the planet Eternia and Grayskull Castle from the evil forces commanded by the villainous Skeleton.

Besides his magic sword, He-Man has other abilities that make him a threat worthy of Skeleton’s attention. He is strong enough to lift Grayskull’s castle in one piece and fast enough to turn sand into glass. And if that wasn’t enough, he also has super-blow, telepathy, and even turned into a tornado once! Isn’t that cool?

Yet, you can watch all 130 episodes of the animated series, and you will not see He-Man harm any living creature. He doesn’t use his sword for anything other than cutting through obstacles or deflecting laser beams. If He-Man needed to engage in a physical confrontation with another being, he would grab them and throw them into a barrel, a mud puddle, or a puddle of water.

Here’s the complete Masters of the Universe line-up from the latest Funko Pin collection:

  • He-Man Glow In the Dark Large Enamel Pop! Pin
  • Skeletor Large Enamel Pop! Pin
  • She-Ra Large Enamel Pop! Pin
  • Evil-Lyn Large Enamel Pop! Pin

Standout and accessorize with these adorable Pop! Pins! All these Masters of the Universe Funko Pop! Pins measure about one 1/2-inches in diameter and comes bagged and on a card back. It’s a whole new world once you have them on! Available for pre-order in the links below.

Funko Pop! Pin: Masters of the Universe Large Enamel Pop! Pins

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