Funko Pop! Television: The Flash Fastest Man Alive: The Flash – Funko Fair 2021

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Funko Fair 2021 announced the release of a new wave of Pop figures based on The Flash Arrowverse television series.

Coming in fast… the Scarlet Speedster has arrived at Funko, who’s bringing you all of your favorite Arrowverse characters from the TV adaptation of The Flash! Heroes and villains alike! Some of The Flash’s most iconic villains are here too, with Killer Frost and Bloodwork! The new The Flash Funko Pops lineup include:

  • The Flash Godspeed Funko Pop!
  • The Flash Funko Pop!
  • Bloodwork Funko Pop!
  • Killer Frost Funko Pop!
  • The Flash Godspeed GITD Funko Pop!- GameStop Exclusive
  • The Flash GITD Funko Pop!  – Funko Shop Exclusive
  • The Flash Pocket Pop! Key Chain

Created by screenwriters and editors Robert Kanigher and John Broome and legendary illustrator Carmine Infantino, Barry Allen’s Flash first appeared in comics in 1956.

Initially, this version of the Flash had been created to replace the original that belonged to the Golden Age of comics. At that time, the Scarlet Speedster cloak was used by the iconic Jay Garrick.

Since the 50’s the character has gone through several changes, having also been adapted to the screen and to the cinema, where actors like John Wesley Shipp, Grant Gustin, and more recently Ezra Miller gave life to the fastest man on the planet.

These The Flash Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures are scheduled to be released in March 2021 and are now available for pre-order in the links below. 

Funko Fair 2021 is well and truly underway! Check out all the amazing new Pops released as part of Funko Fair here on our Funko News page.

Funko Pop! Television: The Flash Fastest Man Alive: The Flash Godspeed, The Flash, Bloodwork, Killer Frost, The Flash Godspeed GITD, and The Flash GITD Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures – Funko Fair 2021

Available at:

Entertainment Earth
Pop Citi.
GameStop (Exclusive)

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