Funko Vinyl Soda: Edward Scissorhands

Funko Vinyl Soda: Edward Scissorhands Vinyl Soda Figure With Chase

Coming on April 2021 is this Funko Vinyl SODA: Edward Scissorhands W/Chase. Pre-order to add Edward to your SODA collection now.

It was with the direction of Edward Scissorhands in 1990 that Tim Burton reached the pinnacle of creativity. This film transports us to the world of fantasy, with an exciting and different story, which could not fail to be one of the most memorable films in cinema’s history.

The film’s plot revolves around Edward, who is presented to us as an exotic, gothic, and eccentric being. An inventor created the boy, but the inventor dies before he can finish it. Edward is then condemned to live with Scissorhands in total social isolation. It is through this condition that the director, in a fanciful and creative way, will describe the reality of someone who contrasts with what is accepted as “normal” by society.

The young man’s isolation ends with Peg, a cosmetics reseller. The woman enters his house and decides to integrate him socially. To do so, she takes him to the village and gives him shelter in her own home.

As soon as he arrives in the village, all the inhabitants are curious about Edward‘s presence. There are even disputes for the young man’s attention, which leads him to reveal his talent for various tasks. Edward can beautify gardens, give women haircuts, and shear dogs.

However, the excitement surrounding the protagonist ends due to two characters who are going to cause disturbances in his life. This will cause Edward to end up being disliked by the rest of the neighborhood.

This Funko Vinyl Soda: Edward Scissorhands Vinyl Soda Figure With Chase is now available for pre-order at the links below.

Funko Vinyl Soda: Edward Scissorhands Vinyl Soda Figure With Chase

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Entertainment Earth
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