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Funko Vinyl Soda Wave - Funkoween 2021

The very first super limited edition SODA releases from Funkoween 2001 event have arrived. The collection includes Vampire Mickey, Sulley from Monsters Inc., Harlequin Demon and Barrel from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Ash from Evil Dead, Venkman from Ghostbusters, Dwight from The Office, Emily from Corpse Bride, Space Ghost from Scooby-Doo, and finally Frankenstein Jr.

A breakdown of the new figures can be found below, complete with the edition size. Sellouts will happen fast – especially on the rarest figures – so jump on them while you can. Pre-orders are live, and you can find them at the links below.

Corpse Bride: Emily Vinyl Soda Figure (10,000 units)

Emily, a beautiful murdered corpse bride, emerges from the earth to claim her fiancé and drags Victor to the Land of the Dead. However, although the dead are far more fun and lively than the living, Victor’s only thought is to escape the Land of the Dead and return to the arms of his fiancée Victoria.

Funko Vinyl Soda - Corpse Bride Emily Vinyl Soda Figure

Funko Vinyl Soda – Scooby-Doo: Space Ghost Vinyl Soda Figure (7.500 units)

Scooby and the gang find an abandoned farmhouse after running out of gas, but the farmer tries to run them off with a shotgun, believing them to be reporters. Ever since witnesses have reported a mysterious spacecraft nearby, the newspaper men have been bugging him.

They especially want to know about the glowing footprints all around the farmhouse–and the glowing, ghostly spaceman who has been making them.

Funko Vinyl Soda - Scooby-Doo Space Ghost Vinyl Soda Figure

Funko Vinyl Soda – Frankenstein Jr Vinyl Soda Figure (7,500 units)

Hanna Barbera has transformed the terrifying Monster into a superhero, a giant robot with superpowers, ready to fight all kinds of villains.

The gigantic robot possessed extraordinary abilities, such as flying through jets built into its feet and emitting destructive rays through the fingers of its hands. So when the world was in danger, little young scientist Bob would point to his remote control ring and activate Frank, sit on the robot’s shoulder, and the two of them would walk out the massive laboratory door to fight evil.

Funko Vinyl Soda - Frankenstein Jr Vinyl Soda Figure

Evil Dead: Ash Vinyl Soda Figure (10,000 units)

More than thirty years later, the great vampire hunter Ash Williams returns to fight a new plague of Deadites. He may have lost his hand, but he hasn’t lost his touch.

Funko Vinyl Soda - Evil Dead Ash Vinyl Soda Figure

Ghostbusters: Venkman Vinyl Soda Figure (12,500 units)

Dr. Venkman has had a tricky bit of luck. His recent job at the university kind of fell through. Then he thought he had a break with some paranormal activity, but that ghost was pretty violent.

Then he started up a ghost-catching business, which is awesome, but then he had a bunch of ghosts, and he’s pretty tired. Don’t even get us started on how the cute lady who hired him turned into a demon dog. Well, at least he still has his good looks, right?

Funko Vinyl Soda - Ghostbusters Venkman Vinyl Soda Figure

The Office: Dwight Vinyl Soda Figure (12,500 units)

He’s quirky. He’s loyal. He’s a beet farmer and salesman and a volunteer police officer. He’s Dwight Schrute—assistant (to the) regional manager at Dunder Mifflin! With Dwight’s signature mustard shirt, brown suit, glasses, and oh-so-cool cell phone belt clip, this soda will steal your heart. Or at least your patience.

Funko Vinyl Soda - The Office Dwight Vinyl Soda Figure

Monsters, Inc.: Sulley Vinyl Soda Figure (12,500 units)

We all grew up with fears that monsters were sneaking up upon us and getting ready to make a snack of our brains.  It’s a pretty daunting fear to have as a kiddo, and it does not even ever leave us.

Even adults walk the dark shadows and look over their shoulders with the trepidation that something is coming up behind them!  And, maybe they are right!

Funko Vinyl Soda - Monsters, Inc. Sulley Vinyl Soda Figure

Mickey Mouse Vampire Mickey Vinyl Soda Figure (15,000 units)

Terrifying and charming. I’m a big fan. Big enough fan that I have one of these Vampire Michey Bobble-Head Collectibles. See his sleek tuxedo, his prominent teeth, his dark ears, that raised hand, and those pale eyes. It’s almost like Mickey is saying that Dracula compels you… (to buy a Dracula Funko Soda…)

Funko Vinyl Soda - Mickey Mouse Vampire Mickey Vinyl Soda Figure

The Nightmare Before Christmas:  Harlequin Demon and Barrel Vinyl Soda Figures (10,000 units each)

Everyone has heard the story of the creepy creature that lives on top of the mountain, doing his best to spoil everyone’s holiday. But, really, there are better villains to bet on.

Funko Vinyl Soda - The Nightmare Before Christmas:  Harlequin Demon, and Barrel Vinyl Soda Figures

You can find all the Funkoween 2021 releases on my dedicated page here.

Funko Vinyl Soda – Evil Dead: Ash, Ghostbusters: Venkman, The Office: Dwight, The Nightmare Before Christmas: Harlequin Demon, The Nightmare Before Christmas: Barrel, Mickey Mouse: Vampire Mickey, Monsters Inc.: Sulley, Corpse Bride: Emily Vinyl, Scooby-Doo: Space Ghost, and Frankenstein Jr Soda Figures – Funkoween 2021

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