InuYasha’s Miroku: A Previews Exclusive Funko Pop! Unveiled

InuYasha Miroku Funko Pop 1594 - Previews Exclusive

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Imbued with the spirit of adventure and the resolve to defeat evil, the Miroku Funko Pop! from the epic anime InuYasha is a coveted treasure for collectors. This Previews Exclusive piece, limited to just 20,000 figures, offers a tangible connection to the rich narrative of InuYasha. Let’s explore the allure of this limited edition figure.

The Curse-Breaking Monk

Miroku, the perceptive and powerful monk, is an integral part of the InuYasha storyline. His quest to end his family’s curse and his battles against the demonic Naraku have cemented his place in the hearts of fans. Standing at about 4 inches tall, this figure captures Miroku’s stoic demeanor and his readiness for combat, complete with his Buddhist robes and the iconic Shakujō staff.

Exclusivity and Craftsmanship

As a Previews Exclusive, this Funko Pop! embodies a level of rarity that elevates its status among anime collectibles. The finite nature of its edition, capped at 20,000 pieces, makes this figure a must-have. It is also an opportunity for fans to own a piece of InuYasha history, representing the enduring legacy of the series.

The Figure’s Artistry

The Miroku Funko Pop! showcases Funko’s commitment to detail: from the character’s signature hairstyle and robes to the faithful recreation of his Shakujō staff. The figure is positioned in a stance that signifies his readiness to join any collector’s demon-hunting display.

Analyzing the Collectible’s Pros and Cons

Collectors might find the non-posable nature of the figure limiting, but as a display piece, it’s exemplary. The specificity of the character and the limited edition nature make it an exclusive addition, although the less familiar audience might not fully grasp its significance without context.

The Evolution of the Collection

Funko’s InuYasha series continues to expand, and this Miroku figure is evidence of the brand’s growth. Each subsequent release sees an improvement in the figures’ detail and finish, making each new addition a reflection of Funko’s dedication to its craft.

Deciding on Miroku

For those devoted to the InuYasha series, this figure is a prized addition, embodying the essence of Miroku’s character and the anime’s storytelling. It’s an essential acquisition for completing the series and for those who appreciate the intricacies of anime narratives.

Extensive Background Integration

Miroku’s figure brings with it the weight of his character’s journey, including his battle against his cursed destiny. His role as a strategic fighter and his complex backstory are well represented in this exclusive piece.

Collection and Cohesion

The Previews Exclusive Miroku Funko Pop! is a continuation of a broader tapestry, one that includes other figures like InuYasha, Kagome, and Sesshomaru. Together, they form a collection that not only showcases the anime’s characters but also tells its story.

Recommendations for Collectors

This figure is a beacon for those seeking to bring depth and a sense of narrative to their collection. It’s also a superb starting point for enthusiasts looking to venture into InuYasha collectibles, as well as a treasured item for the seasoned collector seeking to complete their series.

Reflecting on Miroku’s Pop! Figure

This Previews Exclusive Funko Pop! figure of Miroku is a celebration of anime culture and InuYasha’s place within it. Limited in quantity but not in character, it is an addition that promises to bring a spirit of courage and resolve to any collection.

Available Now in Limited Quantities:

Entertainment Earth


May also be available at:


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