Kotobukiya: Dead By Daylight - The Wraith Statue

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Kotobukiya has officially revealed their Dead by Daylight – The Wraith Statue, inspired by the smash-hit game Dead by Daylight! 

Dead By Daylight is a terrifying game with killers inspired by iconic horror movie characters. It’s a multiplayer horror game (4 vs. 1) in which the player takes on the role of a ruthless killer, while the other four players play as survivors.

The purpose of a Killer is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. The goal of the Survivors is to avoid being caught, tortured, and killed. This sounds easier than it is, especially when the environment changes every time you play.

  • The Wraith comes to life striking his signature weapon, the Wailing Bell.
  • The slender proportions and slightly tilted head of this figure fully capture The Wraith’s unique allure of horror mixed with a little bit of cuteness.
  • From the texture of the skin reminiscent of bark from a birch tree to the slimy texture of bloodstains, every element and texture of The Wraith is perfectly brought to life in a manner that can only be portrayed in a statue!
  • Even his boss, now a weapon in his hand, is recreated with the finest details.
  • The base design recreates the characteristic details of The Wraith’s stage, “Autohaven Wreckers,” in the game.
  • With the blood seeping from the cracks of a crushed car, it will surely remind you of the tragedy that occurred and how this killer came to be.
  • This eerie figure comes to life through the skilled hands of the sculptor Masato Ohata, who is also a big fan of this series.
  • Together with the addition of Norifumi Dohi (Franken)’s details to the sculpt/paint, every element and texture of The Wraith is perfectly brought to life in a manner that can only be portrayed in a statue!
  • It measures roughly 10 1/2-inches tall.

The Wraith sure has his hands full with bloody work to do! The Kotobukiya: Dead By Daylight – The Wraith Statue is priced at $169.99 and can be found at the links below. Its release is scheduled for November 2021.

Kotobukiya: Dead By Daylight - The Wraith Statue

In Dead by Daylight, the assassin is always the most robust piece in the field. They are continuously searching for the survivors and need to feed the Entity with their bodies. Each killer has different characteristics that make them unique, such as primary and secondary weapons and special abilities.

One of the deadliest killers in Dead by Daylight is the Wraith. It moves like a shadow that appears and disappears with the sound of its dreaded bell. Survival against the Wraith is one of the hard things to do, as Survivors tend to lose their control and run, which makes them vulnerable.

The Wraiths use the Azarov’s Skull – the skull of their former Boss, as their primary deadly weapon, and the Wailing Bell, a heavy cast iron bell with ancient powers and the reason the Wraiths can enter and walk around invisible.

Kotobukiya: Dead By Daylight – The Wraith Statue

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