Lacing Up for Action: The Hanson Brothers Funko POPs Skate Into Collections

Slap Shot The Hanson Brothers Funko Pop

Lacing Up for Action: The Hanson Brothers Funko POPs Skate Into Collections

The rink is about to get rowdier with the latest addition to the Funko POPs Slap Shot series – the Hanson Brothers are here! It’s time to drop the gloves and celebrate as this iconic trio makes a slap-shooting entrance into the world of collectibles.

Meet the Brothers on the Ice

Synonymous with ice hockey’s rough and tumble spirit, the Hanson Brothers have skated straight out of the classic sports comedy ‘Slap Shot’ and into the Funko universe. With this special 3-pack, Pop! Steve Hanson, Pop! Jack Hanson and Pop! Jeff Hanson is ready to rally fans and stir up some nostalgia-infused excitement.

A Hat Trick of Collectible Charm

Each brother is immortalized with the characteristic Funko flair – from their signature glasses to their Charlestown Chiefs jerseys. Whether you’re a die-hard Slap Shot fan, a Funko POP collector, or a hockey lover, this trio is a power play for your shelves. The level of detail in the figures—from Steve’s imposing black eye to Jeff’s iconic nosebleed—captures the humor and heart of their roles.

Why They’re More Than Just Figures

Beyond their comedic bravado and on-ice antics, the Hanson Brothers represent a bygone era of hockey’s colorful history. Owning this set is like holding a piece of cinematic and sports lore.

So, get ready to cheer from the stands. The Hanson Brothers are more than just collectibles; they symbolize the unbridled joy and camaraderie found in hockey. With sticks at the ready and an unbreakable bond, these brothers are poised to add spirit and a touch of mayhem to your Funko POP collection.

Get these Pops! before they figure skate off the shelves. For the devoted fans, this 3-pack isn’t just a purchase; it’s a power play into the heart of hockey culture. Remember, in the arena of collectibles, these brothers are the MVPs, ready to bring the action of the ice rink right to your home.

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