Lead the Rebellion with Jimmy with Antlers Funko Pop! from Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon Jimmy with Antlers Wave 2 Funko Pop 1562

Rebel Moon Jimmy with Antlers (Wave 2) Funko Pop! Vinyl FIgure #1562

Available in limited numbers at:

Entertainment Earth

In the world of sci-fi collectibles, there are figures that embody the heart of rebellion, and then there’s the Jimmy with Antlers Funko Pop! from the Netflix series Rebel Moon. This figure, standing an imposing 4 1/2 inches tall, is more than a mere collectible; it’s a symbol of defiance against the galactic empire known as the Imperium.

Unboxing Jimmy with Antlers Funko Pop! Vinyl #1562

Unveiling this figure is to witness a detailed rendition of one of “Rebel Moon’s” most enigmatic characters. Jimmy, a robot with a purpose far beyond its initial programming, comes to life in vinyl form with striking detail. The antlers aren’t just ornamental; they represent Jimmy’s unique identity in the wave of rebellion.

The Lore Behind Jimmy with Antlers

Jimmy, with Antlers, joins the ranks of “Rebel Moon’s” band of warriors as a beacon of hope. Its story is one of transformation and courage, making it a perfect narrative piece for collectors who appreciate character depth and a rich backstory. This Pop! Vinyl captures the spirit of the series—fighting for a cause and defying the odds.

Rebel Moon – A New Era for Collectibles

With “Rebel Moon,” the Funko Pop! universe expands into new realms. Wave 2, to which Jimmy with Antlers belongs, invites enthusiasts to delve into a new narrative rich with heroic stands and intriguing lore. Owning a figure is not just about embracing the world it represents. 

About Rebel Moon

“Rebel Moon” is a science fiction franchise created by Zack Snyder and premiered on Netflix. It starts with a two-part film series, with the first part being released and the second scheduled for April 2024. The franchise is expected to include additional installments. Beyond the films, “Rebel Moon” is expanding into various media, including a role-playing video game, an animated short, a graphic novel, and even a potential TV series. The franchise’s universe includes a prequel comic and other narrative expansions, enriching the backstory and world Snyder has created.

Strategic Placement for Maximum Impact

Consider the narrative you’re constructing when placing Jimmy with Antlers among your collectibles. Its intricate design, complete with combat-ready armor and mysterious antlers, is a conversation starter and a powerful statement in any display. Its placement should be strategic, serving as a central piece that ties together your collection of rebellion and triumph.

A Collectible with a Cause

This Jimmy with Antlers Funko Pop! Vinyl #1562 does more than capture the likeness of a beloved character; it captures a movement. Its intricate design and “Rebel Moon’s” cultural impact elevate it from a mere figure to a storytelling piece that stands tall amidst any collection, ready to lead the charge.

As “Rebel Moon” fans and collectors alike know, a figure like this doesn’t just sit on a shelf; it stands as a beacon for all who believe in the cause of the rebellion. Don’t let this revolutionary piece pass you by – make Jimmy with Antlers a part of your collection today, and let the story of resistance live on through your display.

Embrace the essence of rebellion and revolutionize your collection with Jimmy with Antlers – a Funko Pop! that isn’t just part of the collection; it’s part of the uprising.

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Rebel Moon Jimmy with Antlers (Wave 2) Funko Pop! Vinyl FIgure #1562

Available in limited numbers at:

Entertainment Earth

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