Loungefly Disney Ariel Castle Collection Wallet

Loungefly Disney Ariel Castle Collection Wallet - pre-order July 2021 arrives August 2021

Loungefly Disney Ariel Castle Collection Wallet will be available for pre-order starting July 1st at 12 AM EST.

Take yourself on tour to explore that shore up above! The Disney Princess can be part of your world when you use this faux leather Ariel Castle Collection Wallet from Loungefly. A dreamy graphic of Ariel and Eric printed on the exterior, surrounded by Prince Eric’s castle’s beautiful landscape.

Pre-orders are now live at the links below (click to jump!)

Loungefly Disney Ariel Castle Collection Wallet - pre-order July 2021 arrives August 2021

Ariel is a 16-year-old teenager who is the daughter of King Triton, who is overprotective of the girl. She is fascinated by the world out there, the world of humans, and would like to one day see it up close. She collects mundane items that she considers rare, such as the fork she uses as a comb for her beautiful red hair, and even has a place to store her huge collection.

Until one day, Sebastian’s big mouth – a lobster which is also the servant – tells the mermaid’s strict father that she has a hiding place for her secret items.

And then, everything goes down the drain. Triton grounded Ariel, and of course, since she is the most stubborn person – or mermaid – in the world, she disobeys her father and decides that one way or another, she is going to become human!

Then she meets Ursula, a sea witch who “helps” the mermaids achieve their goals. But not quite… She proposes to Ariel to turn her into a human for three days, and in exchange, the princess would give her voice.

And her goal on earth is to get a kiss of true love from Prince Eric. If not, she will be turned into a mermaid again and belong to the witch. Remembering that Eric fell in love with Ariel’s voice, so he would be unlikely to know who this girl would be.

And, of course, nothing happens as expected. Just as Eric is about to fall in love with Ariel, Ursula transforms herself into a human and steals the voice of the red-haired princess.

As her plan has fallen through, Ariel finds herself in despair, but like all Disney fairy tale movies, good wins out in the end!

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Loungefly Disney Ariel Castle Collection Wallet – pre-order July 2021 arrives August 2021

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