Loungefly Disney Classic Clouds AOP Mini Backpack

Loungefly Disney Classic Clouds AOP Mini Backpack will be available for pre-order starting June 1st at 12 AM EST.

Disney fans! Trust us when we say you’ll be on cloud 9 to count this dreamy Loungefly backpack as part of your collection.

All the classics from Lady And The Tramp to Dumbo, The Aristocats to The Fox And The Hound, Winnie The Pooh to Bambi are here, floating on clouds through this adorable night sky scene

You can check availability at the links below.

Loungefly Disney Classic Clouds AOP Mini Backpack

Nearly 80 years of cinema and a handful of iconic characters and films have made Disney the entertainment juggernaut it is today. It has always been as reviled -for deserved reasons- as it has been adored, but its impact on our culture and cinema history is undeniable.

Magic, charm, and imagination inspired the best Disney classics! In the end, regardless of your age or generation, Walt Disney marked your childhood.

You can also look for more June 2021 pre-order bags arriving in July 2021 on our dedicated page here or the Loungefly Disney collection here.

Loungefly Disney Classic Clouds AOP Mini Backpack

Check availability at:

The Line Jumper
Under The Sea Collectibles
Entertainment Earth
Spell Boutique
Owley Boutique
Merch Ventures
707 Street

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