Loungefly Disney Hocus Pocus Scene AOP Mini Backpack

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Loungefly Disney Hocus Pocus Scene AOP Mini Backpack will be available for pre-order starting July 1st at 12 AM EST.

Another superb design from Loungefly! Prepare to be bewitched by this whimsical mini backpack inspired by Disney’s Hocus Pocus. Adorned with stylized scenes from the iconic Sanderson Sisters movie, it’s perfect for trips to Salem and beyond!

With this magical Hocus Pocus Scene AOP  Loungefly Mini Backpack, you’ll be ready for all sorts of witchy fun. Now, keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be hunting down children with hopes of stealing their souls to gain eternal youth. It doesn’t need to be that, but I don’t judge.

Pre-orders are now live at the links below (click to jump!)

Loungefly Disney Hocus Pocus Scene AOP Mini Backpack and Wallet

The secret of the film could lie in the charisma and chemistry of the Sanderson sisters. Midler, Parker, and Najimy do a brilliant job as three evil witches, with Midler leading the pack.

Twenty-eight years later, it is still easy to recognize the wicked touches that each actress gave to their respective witches. In one of the best scenes, we see the three wander confused through the streets of Salem, not understanding what creatures inhabit them – the children masked for Halloween.

Or even when they break into a party and sing the immortal “I put a spell on you,” Midler has the best moment of the whole film in this scene.

Look for more July 2021 pre-order bags arriving in August 2021 on our dedicated page here or the Loungefly Hocus Pocus collection here.

Loungefly Disney Hocus Pocus Scene AOP Mini Backpack – pre-order July 2021 arrives August 2021

Available at:

The Line Jumper
Entertainment Earth
707 Street
Merch Ventures

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