Loungefly Disney Jasmine Castle Crossbody

Loungefly Disney Jasmine Castle Crossbody will be available for pre-order starting June 1st at 12 AM EST.

Travel to the ancient and mysterious land of Agrabah with this enchanting crossbody bag from Loungefly.

Adorned with a beautiful print of Princess Jasmine’s exotic Palace, the bag also features her trusty sidekick and fan-favorite Rajah.

Look closely and you’ll spot that Abu makes an appearance too. With foil detailing for a Shining, Shimmering, Splendid finish, this is one of my favorites from Loungefly’s most wanted Castle series.

You can check availability at the links below.

Loungefly Disney Jasmine Castle Crossbody

Jasmin is a princess with a strong character and convictions of her own. She is a young woman who is not afraid to fight for what she believes is right. She is intelligent, cunning, perhaps a little stubborn, but with a lot of willpower and love to give.

Jasmine is the princess of the Arabian desert city of Agrabah and the heroine of the Disney movie Aladdin. At 14, Jasmine lives in a luxurious palace with her father, the Sultan, and her pet tiger, Rajah.

Shortly before her fifteenth birthday, the sultan issues a law that intends to force her to choose a prince as her husband. Still, the young girl is unwilling to give her hand in marriage to any of the princes her father suggests – she wishes to marry for love, not out of obligation! Jasmine, then, decides to rebel against her father’s designs and escapes from the palace.

Her first time outside the gates did not turn out so well, accidentally getting into serious trouble. Surprisingly, and to Jasmine’s good fortune, a young man from the street appears to save her from the cruel punishment: Aladdin.

And together, they will embark on wonderful adventures in which love will always win.

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