Loungefly Disney Pixar Up Dug & Knick-Knacks Mini Backpack

Loungefly Disney Pixar Up Dug & Knick-Knacks Mini Backpack

Carry your adventure book and more with Dug’s help! Loungefly Disney Pixar Up Dug & Knick-Knacks Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive is inspired by Disney Pixar’s Up, the helpful, playful, and easily distracted-SQUIRREL…

Anyone who saw the Disney-Pixar movie Up! probably fell in love with the friendly and affectionate Dug, the dog that accompanies Carl Fredricksen and Russell on their adventure at the waterfalls.

Dug is featured on this Loungefly mini backpack’s allover print design, next to a colorful array of knick-knacks such as Carl’s glasses and grape soda pin, Russell’s Wilderness Explorer badge, and more. It also features olive-toned hardware, an enamel brand badge, adjustable shoulder straps, and a Wilderness Explorer logo interior lining.

Dug & Knick-Knacks Mini Backpack from the Up Movie is a BoxLunch exclusive and is available for pre-order at the links below (click to jump!)

Loungefly Disney Pixar Up Dug & Knick-Knacks Mini Backpack

When we say that the dog is man’s best friend, we are not necessarily diminishing other animals. You see, the dog – that happy, furry, four-legged ball – bonds unequivocally and peculiarly with the humans he lives with.

From then on, it’s a whole sea of loyalty, friendship, dedication, licks, and split socks that has no end in sight. Now Pixar (and Disney) have introduced dogs in their productions, but none of these creations were even remotely memorable… until Dug.

In the splendor of his complexity, he is a warm and incredibly entertaining being, which is exceptionally brilliant in his genesis: you see, despite being a talking animal (like so many others created by the studio, by the way), he is perhaps the one where the ability to speak comes closest and most confused with his own personality and way of being.

Dug is passionate about the simple things, like chasing squirrels or waiting for his owner under the porch, and is so energetic that it becomes infectious. And even in the middle of a film that is often considered one of the best in modern animation, Dug is absolutely unforgettable.

If Dug could not be a dog and had to exist in any other form, it could only be in that of a hug. How is it possible to resist him?

Loungefly Disney Pixar Up Dug & Knick-Knacks Mini Backpack

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