Loungefly Disney Pixar Up Working Buddie Zip Around Wallet

Loungefly Disney Pixar Up Working Buddie Zip Around Wallet will be available for pre-order starting June 1st at 12 AM EST.

Make an uplifting addition to your accessory collection with this charming Up wallet from Loungefly.

Inspired by Carl and Ellie’s love story, it features a print of the pair when they’re both young and old, Carl with his balloon cart and Ellie as a zookeeper. A heart-warming tribute to the magical Pixar movie, it’s perfect for taking on your next adventure.

You can check availability at the links below.

Loungefly Disney Pixar Up Working Buddie Zip Around Wallet

As a young man, Carl has always enjoyed the adventure. As a fan of the trailblazer Charles Muntz, he also wants to explore the world aboard a balloon, especially after he meets Elle, a girl who shares his dreams.

In love, the two marry and build a life together. Struggling to have their first child, who never came, and with constant financial problems, the couple postpones their dreams of visiting South America until they grow old and Elle passes away.

Grouchy and cranky, Carl turns out to be the opposite of what he expected for himself. Wanting only to spend the rest of his days in the house where he lived with his beloved, he is surprised by a real estate development that wants to tear the house down.

Not to end up in an asylum, and with nothing to lose, Carl ties thousands of balloons to the house and flies away so that he can finally live the High Adventure.

However, the man did not count on Russell. Attached to modernity, he needs to help an older man to win a medal. The boy will change Carl’s way of seeing the world.

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Loungefly Disney Pixar Up Working Buddie Zip Around Wallet

Check availability at:

The Line Jumper
Under The Sea Collectibles
Entertainment Earth
Spell Boutique
Owley Boutique
Merch Ventures
707 Street

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