Loungefly Disney The Aristocats Marie Floral Face Flap Wallet

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Loungefly Disney The Aristocats Marie Floral Face Flap Wallet will be available for pre-order starting May 1st at 12 AM EST.

A lady always has a fancy purse to hold her pennies!

So perfect that Marie herself would use it with pride, this beautifully designed Disney wallet from Loungefly is of course inspired by The Aristocats. Modeled on Marie’s fancy features, it’s topped off with floral flourishes and the signature Loungefly branded badge.

C’est magnifique!

Pre-orders are now live at the links below (click to jump!)

Loungefly Disney The Aristocats Marie Floral Footsy Mini Backpack, Crossbody and Wallet

The Aristocats lovely story begins in Paris when a kind and eccentric millionaire decides to leave her entire fortune in her will to her family – a family of high society cats. Overhearing her plans, Edgar, the greedy butler who wanted the inheritance, kidnaps Duchess, the elegant and polite mother cat, and the three restless kittens and then abandons them in the countryside. The charming O’Malley, a brave stray cat who occasionally passes by, then offers to help them return home.

You can also look for more May 2021 pre-order bags arriving in June 2021 on our dedicated page here or the Loungefly The Aristocats collection here.

Loungefly Disney The Aristocats Marie Floral Face Flap Wallet

Available at:

The Line Jumper
Entertainment Earth
707 Street
Merch Venture

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