Loungefly Disney Villains Scene Ursula Crystal Ball Mini Backpack

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Loungefly Disney Villains Scene Ursula Crystal Ball Mini Backpack will be available for pre-order starting May 1st at 12 AM EST.

Any fan of Disney’s Little Mermaid will be dying to get their tentacles on this Ursula mini backpack from Loungefly. The scheming sea witch is re-created using applique and embroidered details and sees her watching Ariel and Flounder in her crystal ball which is crafted with a pearlescent finish. A truly bewitching find for any Little Mermaid fan.

Pre-orders are now live at the links below (click to jump!)

Ursula is a mythological marine being who has, from the waist up, a female appearance and the rest of her body like that of an octopus. She is the main enemy of Triton, the king of the seas, and to strike him down and take his power, she lures his daughter, the little mermaid Ariel, hostage.

She wants revenge on King Triton and will use everything at her disposal to do it, even if she has to convince young Ariel to bring the King’s trident to her. Or worse, convince the young mermaid to exchange her voice for legs! Who does that?

When picking your favorite Disney character, you can’t forget to consider the villains. With plenty of sass and a totally devious personality, Ursula is at the top of the list.

You can also look for more May 2021 pre-order bags arriving in June 2021 on our dedicated page here or the Loungefly Disney Villains collection here.

Loungefly Disney Villains Scene Ursula Crystal Ball Mini Backpack

Available at:

The Line Jumper
Entertainment Earth
707 Street
Merch Ventures

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