Loungefly Marvel Loki Floral Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

Loungefly Marvel Loki Floral Mini Backpack - BoxLunch Exclusive

Declare your allegiance to the Asgardian prince with this Loungefly Marvel Loki Floral Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive. This is for sure a must-have accessory for any serious disciple.

An adopted son of Odin, the wise king of Asgard, and raised as a brother to Thor, the heroic god of thunder. It was to be expected that with such a family, Loki would be equally noble and honorable. However, villains arise in even the best of families…!

The God of Mischief is up to something again, this time with his bag of tricks – this Marvel mini backpack!

Inspired by Loki, this bag has his iconic horned helmet embroidered on the front, next to decorative floral patterns and an enamel brand badge. It also features gold-tone hardware, adjustable shoulder straps, and an interior print pattern.

Marvel Loki Floral Loungefly Mini Backpack is a BoxLunch exclusive and is now available at the links below (click to jump!)

Loungefly Marvel Loki Floral Mini Backpack - BoxLunch Exclusive

This past June 6, Marvel fans were able to catch the premiere of Loki, the studio’s new series made directly for Disney+. Featuring the title anti-hero (played by Tom Hiddleston), a new story involving time, space, and multiverses is shaping up to enrich Phase 4 of the MCU further.

What are Loki’s powers in the MCU?

Even if they are not flashy or extravagant powers, Loki has many unique abilities in the MCU.

Loki’s (Tom Hiddleston) powers differ significantly from Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and any other MCU character. While some heroes rely on extravagant and flashy abilities, the God of Mischief takes advantage of illusion and deception to achieve his goals.

With the release of Disney+’s new series, Loki (2021), many fans have been left wondering what and how many are the wizard’s true powers, which total 17 in all.

Shapeshifting, hypnosis, telepathy, teleportation, illusions, and levitation are just the most basic powers. Loki can perform astral projection, being able to launch projections or even appear in a distant place. In addition, he can conceal his presence.

Other extraordinary abilities of the God of Trickery include telekinesis (moving objects with your mind), creating dimensional rifts – and finding them – and transmuting molecules, changing one thing into another.

Loungefly Marvel Loki Floral Mini Backpack - BoxLunch Exclusive

When it comes to energy, Loki knows well how to use it to his advantage, as he relies on the powers of energy blasts and energy shields.

In addition, the wizard can increase his physical form and conjure. It is still unclear how this ability works, but Loki can create objects or bring them from another dimension. In closing, the God of Mischief can manipulate and control ice, also known as cryokinesis, and transfer magic to some items, but that last one has yet to be shown in the MCU.

Even though he is a show-off for almost everything, Loki is discreet with his powers and prefers to deceive his enemies by tricking their minds. However, the wizard relies on several abilities, and he certainly promises many exciting scenes in Disney+’s new series, Loki.

Loungefly Marvel Loki Floral Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

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