Loungefly Peanuts Charlie and Snoopy Sunset Zip Around Wallet

Loungefly Peanuts Charlie and Snoopy Sunset Zip Around Wallet will be available for pre-order starting June 1st at 12 AM EST.

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Snoopy, the unique white hound with a small black spot on his back, appeared for the first time on October 4, 1950, but it was on January 5, 1956, that Schulz decided to give more personality to this dog by making him walk on 2 legs upright like a person.

He is an eternal dreamer who thinks he is the Red Baron of the first World War. He can also be a lawyer, a doctor, a “boy scout,” or a frustrated novelist. In short, I believe he is the hound that has performed more professions than any other.

Loungefly Peanuts Charlie and Snoopy Sunset Zip Around Wallet

I must not forget Snoopy’s other personality, such as the world-famous Joe Cool, who made his first appearance in 1971. Joe is the most confident character, with the most logical thinking and the most incredible imagination … !!!!

Snoopy, which means “curious or loud,” never speaks but always manages to speak his mind. He keeps challenging his owner, Charlie Brown. In reality, it seems that Snoopy is Charlie’s owner and not the other way around, but he is always by his side. He plays golf in his many spare time, although he is also part of his owner’s baseball team.

He doesn’t sleep inside the house for claustrophobic reasons. That’s why he is always seen upstairs with Woodstock, his faithful companion with whom he has long conversations.

But what we must not forget is that this little house is for Snoopy, the means of his greatest dreams… From a simulation of a World War II airplane to a bar in Paris. Inside, we can find many valuable items ranging from pool tables to Van Gogh paintings.

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Loungefly Peanuts Charlie and Snoopy Sunset Zip Around Wallet

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