Loungefly Robin Hood Cosplay Mini Backpack – BAM Exclusive

Loungefly Robin Hood Cosplay Mini Backpack - BAM Exclusive

Just when I thought Loungefly products couldn’t get any cuter, I lay eyes on this adorable Loungefly Robin Hood Cosplay Mini Backpack – BAM Exclusive!

The bag is constructed out of vegan leather, made out of quality polyurethane leather. The bag features a colorful image of Robin, just like in the movie.

The interior compartment has enough space for a few of your daily essentials, and it even comes with a handle on the top for carrying. It also has adjustable shoulder straps to allow for a comfortable fit. It’s a cute bag for anyone who’s sly like a fox!

Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally, golly, what a day! Pre-order the new Robin Hood Cosplay Mini Backpack exclusively available at the links below (click to jump!)

Loungefly Robin Hood Cosplay Mini Backpack - BAM Exclusive

Produced in 1973 at Disney Studios, Robin Hood, featuring the legendary adventures of Robin Hood, is an excellent animated movie. In the film, foxes, bears, lions, snakes, rhinos, elephants, and crocodiles take on the famous characters of the old story of resistance and courage against tyranny in medieval England.

Wolfgang Reitherman knew how to take advantage of an old legend and transform it into a beautiful diversion of adventure, romance, and comedy in the best tradition of Disney productions.

Robin Hood and Little John are forced into marginalization by the corrupt Prince John. He is always accompanied by Sir Hiss, an evil snake, who has hypnotized the rightful monarch of England, Richard the Lionheart, forcing him to go on the Crusades.

Robin and Little John, disguised as psychic gypsies, steal a fortune from Prince John. An enraged Prince John traps Robin in a great archery tournament. But Robin manages to get the better of him and dethrone the evil Prince John.

Loungefly Robin Hood Cosplay Mini Backpack – BAM Exclusive

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