Loungefly Swan Princess and Friends AOP Limited Edition

Loungefly Swan Princess and Friends AOP Limited Edition

What an absolute treasure. Re-live the nostalgia of the Swan Princess animated movie and let it become a part of your world forever with this mesmerizing Loungefly Swan Princess and Friends AOP Limited Edition.

The Princess Charming tells the life of young Derek and Odette, who from an early age were destined to be married (a matter of business between the kingdoms involved). Still, everything is interrupted when Odette is kidnapped by the wizard Rothbart, who had sworn revenge years ago on her father.

The Swan Princess is here with her friends Speedy, Jean-Bob, and Puffin in this beautiful floral AOP Mini Backpack. This is a limited edition Loungefly Handbag and the first Swan Princess product by Loungefly. Get yours while they last!

This is a Limited edition design with only 1000 backpacks made worldwide and is now available at the links below (click to jump!)

Loungefly Swan Princess and Friends AOP Limited Edition

Once upon a time, there was a king named William, lord of a great and powerful kingdom. But, he was sad because he was getting old and had no children to inherit the throne.

Then, to his happiness, a daughter was born, a princess, who was named Odette.

Kings and queens from all over the world came to visit the little girl, among them Queen Uberta and her son Prince Derek.

It was then that the monarchs came up with the idea of having their children spend their summers together so that they would fall in love and unite the kingdoms when they married.

And so it happened. For years Odette and Derek met, but at first, they did not get along. Only when they became adults did they realize the true feeling they had for each other.

However, Derek did not know how to prove his love to Odette and when the princess is returning home, she is kidnapped by the Wizard Rothbart, who wishes to take over the kingdom by marrying her.

But since Odette refuses to marry him, the sorcerer transforms her into a swan to force her to accept the marriage.

Now Derek must find Odette and undo the spell, but Rothbart is prepared and will use all his power to stop him.

Loungefly Swan Princess and Friends AOP Limited Edition

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