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Pop! Marvel Zombies - Wolverine Zombie

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Wolverine is one of many heroes who become infected by the zombie virus. He is infected when both zombies Captain America and Hawkeye, bite him. The virus overwhelms his healing factor, so he can no longer heal from any injury.

He is one of the last surviving zombies from the zombie Hulk’s attack that killed many zombies. And now he’s back in a pop form!  The Wolverine Zombie Funko POP Vinyl Figure is now wandering around in search of brains.

Admittedly, what zombies do isn’t very pretty! But c’mon, if there’s any zombie who’s the best he is at what he does, it’s this Marvel Zombie Wolverine Pop! He’s now available for pre-order in the links below! Don’t let him end the human race!

The dead will walk again…

Marvel Zombie Wolverine Funko Pop 

“I’m the best there is at what I do, and what I do ain’t pretty.” – Wolverine

Available at:

Entertainment Earth
Expected date: Aug 2020

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