Marvel’s Eternals Exclusive: Gilgamesh Funko Pop! with Special Collector Card

Eternals Gilgamesh Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #730

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Entertainment Earth

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The Mighty Gilgamesh: Limited Edition Funko Pop! with Exclusive Collector Card

Attention Marvel enthusiasts and Funko Pop! collectors! Entertainment Earth has summoned a mighty addition to your assemblage with the Eternals Gilgamesh Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #730. But there’s a twist – each figure comes with a randomly selected collectible card, fueling the thrill of the hunt for the rarest in the cosmos.

Unboxing the Power of Eternals

Standing a formidable 3 3/4-inches tall, this depiction of Gilgamesh – the strongest of the Eternals – is more than just a collectible. It’s a symbol of unwavering strength and the protector of humanity. The figure captures Gilgamesh’s imposing presence, making it a standout piece in any collection.

The Collector Cards: A Quest for Rarity

What sets this exclusive apart is the limited edition Funko trading card. With 37 to collect, including the coveted holographic chase cards, each box offers a surprise that echoes the Eternals’ own mysterious allure. Will you be one of the few to possess the ultra-rare piece of this cosmic puzzle?

Assembling the Eternals

With only 3,024 pieces available, this Funko Pop! is a treasure for both casual fans and serious collectors. The quest doesn’t stop at Gilgamesh; aim to complete your set with all the Eternals, each paired with their own distinct trading card.

The Chase: Embrace the Unknown

Perhaps most exciting is the possibility of discovering a chase variant, a prestigious find akin to a golden ticket in the collecting world. These elusive treasures are randomly inserted into the production run, heightening the anticipation with every purchase.

Why Gilgamesh Deserves a Spot in Your Showcase

  • Exclusivity: Each Funko Pop! is a limited edition, promising uniqueness.
  • Interactive Collection: The thrill of the chase card encourages active engagement with your collectibles.
  • A Piece of the Eternals: Gilgamesh is not just a figure, but a fragment of the grand narrative Marvel weaves.

In essence, the Eternals Gilgamesh Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #730 is not just a mere figure – it’s a gateway to the ancient saga of the Eternals. Each purchase is a step into the unknown, with the excitement of possibly unearthing a chase variant. Whether you’re in it for the thrill, the rarity, or the powerful presence of Gilgamesh, this exclusive is a call to adventure for your collection.

Seize the opportunity to command the might of Gilgamesh and let the hunt for the rarest cards begin. Share your triumphs and tell us – have you uncovered the holographic chase card?

Good luck, and may the might of the Eternals be with you in your collecting journey!

Happy Collecting!

Available Now at:

Entertainment Earth

May also be available on:

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