McFarlane Toys: Mandarin Spawn Deluxe 7-inch Action Figure

McFarlane Toys: Mandarin Spawn Deluxe 7-inch Action Figure - GameStop Exclusive

A new McFarlane Mandarin Spawn Deluxe 7″ Scale Figure has been listed on US retailer Gamestop. This new version of the Mandarin Spawn is badged as a ‘Designer Series’ which is a Deluxe release that appears to have improved paint apps as well as a wider range of weapons.

In Japan at the end of the Southern Sung Dynasty, there was a ruthless governor of Shansi province named Zheng Li. When one of Zheng Li’s villages could not pay his high taxes, they sent a curiosity to amuse the governor instead. This curiosity would prove to be the governor’s undoing. His name was Chenglei, later Mandarin Spawn.

The Mandarin Spawn Deluxe figure is a re-release of the Red Mandarin Spawn Figure has about 22 points of articulation. It includes four individual bladed weapons as well as an ornate shield. Rather than a collectors card, a mini-poster is included in the set.

The GameStop Exclusive Mandarin Spawn Deluxe 7-inch Action Figure is priced at $44.99. Pre-orders are already live and can be found at the links below. Its release is scheduled for June 2021.

McFarlane Toys Mandarin Spawn Deluxe 7-inch Figure

He was once a deformed mute named Chenglei, given as payment to the cruel governor Zheng Li. Zheng ruled and heavily taxed a Shansi province in Japan near the end of the Southern Sung Dynasty.

Because of his high intolerance for pain, Chenglei was kept in the governor’s palace, where he was humiliated by Zheng Li and the amusement of his court. On his deathbed, the demon Mykoto visited him, who offered him a deal on behalf of Malebolgia, which he accepted.

He was reborn as a Hellspawn and returned to take revenge on those who tormented and abused him, killing them all. Sparing the court storyteller who showed him kindness, the Mandarin Spawn cursed Zheng Li and disappeared supposedly to rule a small corner of Hell.

McFarlane Toys: Mandarin Spawn Deluxe 7-inch Action Figure – GameStop Exclusive

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