Meet the New Galactic Heroes: Funko Pop! Brings Star Wars Magic to Life

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In a galaxy far, far away, a new team of heroes emerges to captivate the hearts and minds of Star Wars enthusiasts. This unique Funko Pop! Star Wars collection introduces us to five compelling characters: Bazil, Jedi Master Sol, Yord Fandar, Qimir, and Osha Aniseya. Each figure is a testament to the intricate storytelling and rich universe that Star Wars continues to expand. Let’s dive into their stories and see how these figures bring a new dynamic to your collection.

Bazil: The Brave Pilot

Bazil is not your ordinary Star Wars character. This courageous pilot hails from a lineage of celebrated spacefarers. With a helmet that echoes the classic Rebel Alliance design and an endearing, determined look, Bazil embodies the spirit of adventure. Born on a remote planet known for its treacherous skies, Bazil learned to navigate the stars at an early age. Their small stature, reminiscent of the beloved Ewoks, belies a fierce determination to protect the galaxy from impending threats.

The Funko Pop! figure captures Bazil’s essence perfectly, with meticulous details such as the aviator helmet and the survival gear. Bazil’s story is one of resilience and bravery, making this figure a must-have for fans who admire the unsung heroes of the Star Wars saga.


Jedi Master Sol: The Wise and Powerful

Jedi Master Sol stands as a beacon of wisdom and power within the Jedi Order. With a calm demeanor and an unwavering commitment to the Force, Sol has trained numerous Jedi Knights and played a crucial role in many key battles. Their journey began as a young Padawan with an extraordinary sensitivity to the Force, leading to a fast-tracked ascension within the Order.

This Funko Pop! figure is a striking representation of Sol, wielding a blue lightsaber with a poised and confident stance. The details of the Jedi robe and the serene expression highlight the character’s inner peace and strength. Sol’s backstory adds depth to the Star Wars universe, enriching the lore with tales of courage and sacrifice.

Jedi Master Sol

Yord Fandar: The Relentless Warrior

Yord Fandar, a fierce and skilled warrior, is known for their unyielding spirit and exceptional combat skills. Coming from a planet where survival of the fittest is the rule, Yord’s upbringing was filled with rigorous training and constant battles. This hardened warrior has proven their mettle time and again, often turning the tide in the most desperate of battles.

The Funko Pop! rendition of Yord Fandar features their iconic battle gear and a determined expression, ready for action. The dreadlocks add a touch of rugged charm, making this figure stand out among your collection. Yord’s story of perseverance and raw strength inspires fans who appreciate the grit and tenacity required to fight for what is right.

Yord Fandar

Qimir: The Mysterious Rebel

Qimir is an enigmatic character shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Known for their intelligence and strategic mind, Qimir has orchestrated numerous successful missions against the Empire. Their background is largely unknown, adding to their mystique and appeal. What is clear, however, is Qimir’s unwavering dedication to the Rebel cause.

The Funko Pop! figure of Qimir captures their brooding presence and tactical genius. The slightly disheveled hair and the casual stance with crossed arms suggest a character always deep in thought, planning the next move against the Empire. Collectors will appreciate the air of mystery that Qimir brings to the Star Wars narrative.


Osha Aniseya: The Ingenious Mechanic

Osha Aniseya is the brilliant mechanic and tech wizard every Rebel fleet relies on. With a knack for fixing anything from starships to droids, Osha’s technical skills are unparalleled. Growing up in the industrial heart of a bustling planet, Osha honed their abilities in the chaotic environment of repair shops and tech bazaars.

The Funko Pop! version of Osha Aniseya showcases her with tools in hand, ready to tackle any mechanical challenge. Her practical attire and focused expression embody her role as the go-to problem solver. Osha’s ingenuity and resourcefulness make her a beloved character for fans who value brains over brawn.

Osha Aniseya

Bringing the Heroes Home

Each of these characters brings a unique flavor to the Star Wars universe, and their Funko Pop! representations are crafted with exceptional detail and care. Whether you’re a longtime collector or new to the world of Funko Pop!, these figures are a delightful addition to any collection.

Bazil, with their adventurous spirit; Jedi Master Sol, with their serene power; Yord Fandar, with their relentless strength; Qimir, with their strategic brilliance; and Osha Aniseya, with their technical genius, form a set that tells a rich and diverse story.

These figures not only stand out individually but also come together to form a cohesive team that represents the various facets of heroism and rebellion in the Star Wars saga. Displaying them as a set adds a new dimension to your collection, highlighting the depth and variety of characters that the Star Wars universe offers.

Why This Set is a Must-Have

For collectors and fans alike, owning this set means celebrating the diversity and richness of Star Wars storytelling. Each figure is a piece of art that captures the essence of these new heroes, making them perfect for display. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that these figures will be cherished pieces in your collection for years to come.

Final Thoughts

This is a stellar addition to any Star Wars collection. Each figure stands as a testament to the rich, diverse, and ever-expanding universe that Star Wars fans adore. Don’t miss the chance to add these unique characters to your collection and celebrate the timeless legacy of Star Wars.

For the latest updates and releases in the world of Funko Pop!, keep an eye on You wouldn’t want to miss out on these fantastic additions to your Star Wars collection. Get your set today and let the adventures begin!

Available at:

Amazon (early link!)
Entertainment Earth

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