Mezco Toys: Child’s Play Sneering Chucky 15-Inch Talking Doll


The one and only Chucky from the hit horror flick Child’s Play is back! Mezco Toys has unveiled a new Child’s Play Sneering Chucky 15-Inch Talking Doll.

Who doesn’t remember the movie series: Child’s Play? A cult classic horror film directed by Tom Holland, it was released in 1988 and has since had six sequels.

The film depicts a doll that comes to life after a voodoo ritual performed by a serial killer, becoming a master assassin. Charles Lee Ray, or simply Chucky, is derived from the names of well-known killers Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray.

Now he is back! Originally released back in early 2020, Mezco has decided to make this collectible available for fans who missed out. As the figure itself says, “you know what they say, you can’t keep a good guy down!

Unlike the scarred and battle-damaged look Chucky bears typically (people have tried to destroy him in six films so far), this version represents the cleaner, earlier Chucky. His trademark outfit is un-slashed, his face is not yet mauled.

Just as he did in his films, Chucky has lots to say, from his trademark “My name is Chucky” to far more sinister phrases.

The star of the Child’s Play films, Chucky stands fifteen inches tall and features real cloth Good Guys clothing, eleven points of articulation, his trademark orange hair, and realistic glass-like eyes. Each Chucky comes packaged in his own collector-friendly window box based on the original box design seen in the films.

The Talking Sneering Chucky priced at $94 will be released in October 2021 and is now available for pre-order at the links below.

Mezco Toys: Child’s Play Sneering Chucky 15-Inch Talking Doll

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