Unveiling My Hero Academia HLB Funko Pops! Wave 2 – 2024 Edition

My Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball Funko Pops! - Wave 2 (2024 release)

My Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Wave 2 (2024 release)

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Are you ready to knock your Funko Pop collection out of the park? Batter up for the latest lineup with the new My Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball Funko Pops! – Wave 2 (2024 release), where your favorite heroes swap their crime-fighting gear for baseball mitts and bats, proving they’re just as heroic on the field as they are in battle!

UPDATE: The My Hero Academia Baseball Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures drop today! To get your hands on this Pop Vinyl Figure at its release, be sure to check out the links I’ve provided below – click to jump or keep scrolling for more details!

Hit a Home Run with My Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball Funko Pops! Wave 2 (2024)

The My Hero Academia universe expands its Funko Pop lineup with the much-anticipated 2024 release of Hero League Baseball Wave 2!

Following last year’s Wave 1 smashing success, this new collection steps up to the plate, bringing more of your favorite characters from the Hero League Baseball OVA into the quirky world of Funko.

In this second wave, fans are treated to a spectacular roster that includes Denki Kaminari, Kyoka Jiro, Mashirao Ojiro, and Eijiro Kirishima.

Each character in the series, known for their unique quirks and personalities, is transformed into these iconic collectibles, capturing the essence of their baseball-themed adventures.

What makes Wave 2 special is how it complements the first set released last year. Collectors who loved the initial lineup will find these new additions perfect for completing their My Hero Academia ensemble.

The second wave continues to celebrate the OVA’s playful spirit and dynamic action, allowing fans to relive their favorite moments in fun and tangible ways.

Unveiling the My Herp Academia HLB Funko Pops List for this year’s release:

  • Denki Kaminari Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Kyoka Jiro Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Mashirao Ojiro Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Eijiro Kirishima Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

The My Hero Academia Baseball Funko Pops can be pre-ordered at the links below (click to jump!)

My Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball Funko Pops! - Wave 2 (2024 release)

My Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball Funko Pops! - Wave 2 (2024 release)

What Happens When Superheroes Play Baseball? The Wild World of Hero League Baseball in My Hero Academia

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if superheroes traded their capes for baseball caps?

Well, My Hero Academia’s OVA “Hero League Baseball” (HLB) answers that burning question with a swing and a hit, and let me tell you, it’s as wild as you’d expect!

In this unique OVA, Pro Heroes form their own baseball teams and step onto the diamond, not to fight villains, but to hit home runs.

The final showdown is between the “Orcas,” led by the formidable Gang Orca, and the “Lionels,” captained by the fierce Shishido.

The game isn’t your typical baseball match; it’s a chaotic blend of quirks, egos, and a whole lot of baseball.

Gang Orca’s team is a mix of power and strategy, featuring characters like Tentacole and Earphone Jack and the towering presences of Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods.

On the other hand, the Lionels bring Tailman, Sugarman, and the indomitable strength of Fat Gum to the field. It’s a roster that reads like a who’s who of hero academia.

The game’s rules? They’re as unconventional as you’d expect when superheroes play ball. Full use of quirks is allowed, leading to some hilariously over-the-top moments.

Imagine a baseball game where a pitch can be supercharged with a quirk, or a bat can be swung with superhuman strength. That’s HLB for you!

The match starts with Gang Orca hitting a quirk-powered home run, setting the tone for a game that’s more about spectacle than sportsmanship.

The players use their quirks creatively, leading to some genuinely bizarre plays. For instance, Mines’s Twin Impact Quirk creates a surprising strategy, while Gang Orca’s Orcinus supersonic waves add a sonic boom to the game.

But it’s not all fun and games. The competition gets fierce, with both team leaders, Gang Orca and Shishido, throwing jabs and taunts as much as they throw balls.

The tension is palpable, and the players, while sometimes bewildered by their leaders’ antics, give it their all, leading to some unexpected and hilarious outcomes.

The match spirals into chaos, with players being knocked out left and right. We see some creative uses of quirks, like Grape Juice’s sticky situation and Kamui Woods’s entangling tactics.

The game is a rollercoaster of action, humor, and sheer unpredictability, perfectly capturing the spirit of My Hero Academia.

In true superhero style, the game is interrupted by a villainous interruption, showcasing the heroes’ unwavering commitment to justice, even in the middle of a game.

The OVA masterfully blends the excitement of a baseball game with the thrill of a superhero showdown.

And the ending? Well, let’s just say it’s a tie that leaves everyone, players and viewers alike, breathless and laughing.

The OVA doesn’t just show us heroes playing baseball; it gives us a glimpse into their personalities outside of battles and crises.

It’s a refreshing, hilarious, and utterly bizarre side of My Hero Academia that fans will absolutely love.

My Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Wave 2 (2024 release)

Available at:

Entertainment Earth
Funko Shop

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