My Hero Academia: Midoriya and Bakugo S-Fire by SEGA & Takara-Tomy

My Hero Academia Midoriya and Bakugo S-Fire by SEGA & Takara-Tomy

SEGA and Takara-Tomy present two figures related to the world of “My Hero Academia” and are dedicated to Izuku Midoriya and Bakugo Katsuki!

According to the official images, the two figures will be part of the new S-Fire collection that includes high-quality figures. Deku and Bakugo will be sculpted in 1/7 scale. However, we still do not know the list price.

The figures are sculpted and painted by PINPOINT, planned and produced by Sega, and released by Takara Tomy. While they’re not obtainable, enjoy the official photos of both products, available in the gallery.

Note the dynamic pose with which Deku is represented, the incredible determination that conveys the expression on his face, and how perfectly his Gamma Suit is recreated.

Also, look at the dramatic pose with which Kacchan was depicted: along with his arrogant and ambition-filled expression, perfectly conveys his impulsive and aggressive personality. And how perfectly recreated is his hero’s costume, the explosions of his Quirk, and the base of rubble on which the figure stands, strongly transmitting the character’s power.

Pre-orders for the Takara Tomy Midoriya e Bakugo S-Fire figures will be available in fall 2021. It’s expected to be shipped in 2022.

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