NECA: The Boys - Ultimate Homelander and Starlight Action Figures

NECA: The Boys - Ultimate Homelander and Starlight Action Figures

The Boys – Ultimate Homelander and Starlight Action Figures from NECA will be released on the 20th June 2021 (Fathers Day) and will be a ‘first to market’ exclusively at Walmart stores. There will then be a general release to all other NECA stockists later in 2021.

Ultimate Homelander and Starlight Action Figures are now available for pre-order at the links below (click to jump!)

A hero series that has surpassed the social media mentions of the Marvel series, The Boys is one of Amazon Prime Video’s most successful streaming productions. With a third season already confirmed, the series brought to television the characters created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, authors of the comics that subverted the superhero genre.

Both Homelander and Starlight Ultimate Action Figures are revealed in the new promotional photos released by NECA announcing the Fathers Day 2021 launch.

Homelander Ultimate Action Figure will feature three head options, including one with his laser eyes. There will also be an alternative set of hands and what looks to be a soft goods cape. He will feature a box design based on his costume and with a central gold Homeander symbol.

Starlight Ultimate Action Figure will have two head options as well as a pair of swap-out hands. She will also feature alternative forearm bracers and also has a soft goods cape. Like Homelander, the box design for Starlight is inspired by her costume and logo.

NECA: The Boys - Ultimate Homelander and Starlight Action Figures

Annie (Spotlight) has spent her life dreaming of one day joining the acclaimed group of heroes The Seven. After a position opens up, she goes through a competitive selection process and is chosen. But her dream is completely shattered when she joins the group and discovers everything rotten that goes on there.

The leader of The Seven, Homelander, is the most powerful member of the group, to the point of intimidating the other members of the group who do not follow his orders. A complete psychopath, he has developed a sort of god complex, thinking he is superior to everyone else. He has total contempt for the lives he claims to save in front of the media and is responsible for countless murders.

NECA: The Boys – Ultimate Homelander and Starlight Action Figures

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Entertainment Earth
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eBay (Starlight)

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