NEW Loungefly June 2021 Pre Orders List - Arriving July 2021

NEW Loungefly June 2021 Pre Orders List - Arriving July 2021

Loungefly July 2021 pre-orders, starting June 1st at 12 AM EST, are already live. The upcoming July 2021 Loungefly releases will bring our favorite fandom, heroes, and princesses from Marvel, Star Wars, Nickelodeon, Peanuts, and Barbie.

If you miss May, you’ve missed some fantastic bags. They almost sold out everywhere. So this month I’m super excited because I’ve already ordered some and just can’t wait for them to arrive. Be smart! These won’t stick around for long!

So let’s take a look! If you don’t want to waste any time you can find all the images and shopping guides to this awesome release below! (click to jump!)

NEW Loungefly June 2021 Pre Orders List - Arriving July 2021

From his prototype suit in Jon Favreau’s 2008 film to the nanotech armor from Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark’s iconic armor is the inspiration behind the Loungefly Iron Man mini backpack and wallet.

With a fabulous floral vibe and the pastel purple color scheme, the Minnie Mouse collection is bringing a huge dose of charm, and the adorable Eeyore, from the classic Winnie the Pooh stories, is just too lovely to be missed! Actually, it’s one of my favorites this month!

NEW Loungefly June 2021 Pre Orders List - Arriving July 2021

All the classics can be found in the Loungefly Disney Classic Clouds collection and the best sidekicks from your favorite Disney flicks are beautifully represented in this magical crystal-inspired all-over print Loungefly Disney Crystal Sidekick bag and wallet.

Loungefly Jasmine Castle is a Disney collector’s dream come true (I’ll get this one too! Besides, Jasmine is one of my favorite princesses).

We also have the Loungefly Disney Pixar Up Working Buddies paying homage to the magical Pixar movie. I love the print of the pair when they’re both young and old—a true love story.

NEW Loungefly June 2021 Pre Orders List - Arriving July 2021

Then we have the Mustafar and Kashyyyk Star Wars mini backpacks and the Nickelodeon NickRewind Gang, which is total 90s nostalgia joy!

The Loungefly Peanuts Charlie and Snoopy Sunset collection are perfect for a picnic at the beach watching the sun go down! We can also find awesome cherry summer vibes in the new Loungefly Barbie Fun in the Sun mini backpack and wallet.

Yay to Loungefly! You can check the images and pre-order links below.

Loungefly July 2021 Releases – List, Gallery, and Shopping Guide:

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