NEW Loungefly May 2021 Pre Orders List - Arriving June 2021

NEW Loungefly May 2021 Pre Orders List - Arrive June 2021

Loungefly June 2021 pre-orders, starting May 1st at 12 AM EST, are already live. The upcoming June 2021 Loungefly releases will bring our favorites heroes and princesses from Disney, Despicable Me, My Little Pony, Nickelodeon, Pusheen, Space Jam, Star Wars, and Seinfeld.

Loungefly pays homage to early Mickey with the fabulous Steamboat Willie Collection. The design features archive imagery from Steamboat Willie, the hand-drawn short film. I love that the monochrome styling stays true to the look of the original black and white film.

Loungefly fans will LOVE the rainbow-inspired Sequin Rainbow Collection, which is packed with sparkly, candy-colored cuteness! The Loungelfy Cinderella Castle Series is a beautiful dream come true, capturing all the magic of this classic fairytale.

Disney Villains are a must! Any fan of Disney’s Little Mermaid will be dying to get their tentacles on Ursula Crystal Ball or show the world their bad girl credentials with the wickedly cool Maleficent Collection from Sleeping Beauty.

Get ready to fall down the rabbit hole with the huge Alice in Wonderland Collection, featuring some charming bags of Alice, Mad Hatter, and Cheshire Cat, designed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

A lady always has a fancy bag to hold her things, and you can’t get much fancier than with the frankly adorable The Aristocats Marie Floral from Loungefly coming next month. If you are a fan of Disney’s feel-good naughty films, you will love the Loungefly Stitch Story Time Duckies, featuring the cute critter chilling with his duckling pals.

NEW Loungefly May 2021 Pre Orders List - Arriving June 2021

Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with Kida Milo Mini Backpack and Wallet from Loungefly. This is a must-have for any fan of this underrated retro, futuristic gem. Loungefly is also paying tribute to the complicated relationship between our favorite Star Wars hero and villain with the Kylo and Rey Mixed Emotions Collection.

The Bikini Bottom’s favorite fry cook and the Krusty Krab’s infamous Krabby Patties are also present with the Loungefly Spongebob Gang. Pusheen + Unicorns is the perfect combination for a jazzy little unicorn look. Pusheen Unicorn Plush from Loungefly really is the cat’s whiskers. So kawaii.

Say, Bello! The adorable Loungefly Minions Triple Minion Bello from Loungefly is, of course, inspired by the Minions and stars Kevin, Stuart, and Bob in all their wide-eyed glory. Pumped for Space Jam 2? Loungefly heard us and released this commemorative Loungefly Space Jam Tune Squad Bugs Collection, modeled on the new squad uniform.

If you’re more into sports, I am sure you will find something you love in the MLB Loungefly Collection: Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, NY Yankees, SF Giants teams are all coming soon! Also arriving in June is the Loungefly My Little Pony Starshine Rainbow that will surely make many an 80s kid’s hearts super happy.

Finally, inspired by the best TV series about nothing is the Loungefly Seinfeld City mini backpack and wallet. A perfect tribute to Jerry Seinfeld and his friends.

Yay to Loungefly! You can check the images and pre-order links below.

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