2 NEW My Dress-Up Darling Funko Pops to Collect in 2022

NEW My Dress-Up Darling Funko Pops to Collect in 2022

Not official until confirmed.

One anime that recently won over many fans was My Dress-Up Darling. A sweet story about the life, dreams, and adolescence of two young people. The anime shows an improbable friendship between the young girl Marin and the protagonist Gojo. And for the first time ever we are getting My Dress-Up Darling Funko Pop! Figures:

  • My Dress-Up Darling – Kitagawa Marin Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • My Dress-Up Darling – Gojo Wakana Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

My Dress-Up Darling Funko Pops are an unconfirmed release. It is only official when or if Funko announces it. I’ll update more information in the long run.

As a child, Wakana Gojou was traumatized by a friend who thought his taste and affection for dolls was strange. Coming from a family that produces handmade dolls, he grew up alone and perfected the craft passed down from generation to generation.

He sculpts, paints, sews clothes, and spends a great deal of time admiring the very work that requires so much dedication from him. Wakana has no friends and usually takes refuge in school so that he doesn’t have to interact with people, avoiding people discovering his obsession with dolls.

One day, Marin Kitagawa finds Wakana sewing and decides to share his secret hobby with him. Marin loves cosplay but has no sewing skills or knowledge to produce her costumes.

The two teenagers become closer after Wakana promises Marin to help her make a cosplay of her favorite character. But then, the pair realizes that, besides their unusual hobby, they both have a common ground and can learn a lot from each other.

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