2023 NEW Naruto – Tobirama Senju Funko Pop! Deluxe Exclusive

Funko Pop! Deluxe: Naruto - Tobirama Senju Funko Pop! Deluxe Vinyl Figure Exclusive

Not official until confirmed.

The new Funko Pop! Deluxe: Naruto – Tobirama Senju Funko Pop! Deluxe Vinyl Figure Exclusive depicts the one who is considered one of the most powerful ninjas in history and was praised even by his rivals.

The Second Hokage may not be the most beloved or favorite among fans – partly because the anime shows little detail about his life. However, Tobirama Senju was not only a great leader, but he was also one of the most powerful ninjas in all of history.

During his tenure, his power was already impressive. With his extensive research, Tobirama developed two important and frequent jutsus in the franchise: Edo Tensei and Shadow Clone.

He is also a master of Suiton (Water Release) and is responsible for creating the Flying Thunder God Technique, which would later become Minato Namikaze’s trademark. Few Hokages have as many significant achievements as Tobirama.

Tobirama Senju Funko Pop! Deluxe is an unconfirmed release. It is only official when or if Funko announces it. I’ll update more information in the long run.

Tobirama Senju was known to be somewhat severe and rigid about many matters. In addition, he had a more pragmatic lifestyle, as he believed that laws and rules were enough to solve the world’s problems.

However, despite his more serious and serious manner, Tobirama was also a calm person and could control his emotions. It was exactly because of these qualities that he served as a voice of reason for Hashirama, who was a bit more energetic and optimistic.

Tobirama also faithfully believed in the so-called Will of Fire, the philosophy that treated the Konoha inhabitants as part of one family.

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