New Pet Sematary Funko Pop! Figures: Gage, Ellie & Church, Victor Pascow

Pet Sematary Funko Pops

New Funko Pop! Pet Sematary Figures: Gage Creed, Ellie & Church, and Victor Pascow

Horror fans and collectors, get ready to add some spine-chilling additions to your Funko Pop! collection! Funko has just released three new figures from Stephen King’s iconic horror story, “Pet Sematary.” The characters Gage Creed, Ellie & Church, and Victor Pascow are now immortalized in vinyl, bringing a piece of this terrifying tale to your collection. Let’s delve into the background of these characters, the eerie story of “Pet Sematary,” and why these figures make a perfect set for any horror enthusiast.

The Chilling Tale of “Pet Sematary”

“Pet Sematary,” a novel by Stephen King, published in 1983, is one of the most haunting stories in the horror genre. The plot centers around the Creed family who move to a rural home in Maine, only to discover a mysterious cemetery near their new house. The cemetery, known as the Pet Sematary, has the dark power to resurrect the dead, but with sinister consequences.

The Storyline

Dr. Louis Creed, his wife Rachel, and their two children, Ellie and Gage, move to a new home and befriend their elderly neighbor, Jud Crandall. Jud introduces them to the Pet Sematary, located in the woods behind their house. When the family cat, Church, dies, Jud suggests burying it in the ancient burial ground beyond the Pet Sematary, a place with the power to bring back the dead.

Church returns, but he is no longer the friendly pet they once knew. Tragedy strikes again when Gage is hit by a truck. In his grief, Louis exhumes Gage’s body and buries him in the same cursed ground. The resurrected Gage comes back as a malevolent entity, leading to a series of horrifying events that ultimately reveal the true nature of the burial ground.

The New Funko Pop! Figures

Gage Creed

The Gage Creed Funko Pop! figure captures the character’s eerie transformation after being resurrected. Dressed in his signature outfit from the film, complete with his hauntingly vacant eyes and slight smile, this figure encapsulates the innocent appearance that masks his sinister new nature.
Pet Sematary Gage Creed Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #1585

Character Background: Gage Creed, the youngest member of the Creed family, is a sweet and playful child. His tragic death and subsequent resurrection are pivotal moments in the story. Gage’s return from the grave marks a dramatic shift in the narrative, turning a tale of grief into a nightmare of horror.

Design and Details: The Gage Creed Funko Pop! figure stands at approximately 3.75 inches tall and features his recognizable outfit and facial scar. The figure’s attention to detail, from his clothes to the eerie expression, makes it a standout piece in any horror collection.

Ellie & Church

The Ellie & Church Funko Pop! set brings together two key characters from the story. Ellie, the eldest child of the Creed family, is seen with her beloved pet cat, Church. This set highlights the bond between the characters and the pivotal role they play in the storyline.
Pet Sematary Ellie and Church Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure # 1584 and Buddy
Character Background: Ellie Creed is a bright and inquisitive girl who forms a close attachment to Church. Her questions about death and the afterlife set the stage for the story’s exploration of these themes. Church’s resurrection is the first indication of the burial ground’s dark power, foreshadowing the tragedies to come.

Design and Details: The Ellie figure captures her innocence and curiosity, dressed in her casual outfit from the film. Church, the resurrected cat, features glowing yellow eyes and a disheveled appearance, reflecting his transformation after being buried in the Pet Sematary. This set perfectly encapsulates the eerie and unsettling atmosphere of the story.

Victor Pascow

Victor Pascow, one of the most memorable and unsettling characters from “Pet Sematary,” is now immortalized in this detailed Funko Pop! figure. Victor is a spectral figure who warns Louis Creed about the dangers of the burial ground.
Pet Sematary Victor Pascow Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #1586

Character Background: Victor Pascow is a student who dies in a tragic accident at the university where Louis works. After his death, Victor’s ghost appears to Louis, warning him about the dark powers of the Pet Sematary and urging him to avoid using it. Victor serves as a harbinger of doom, his spectral appearances adding a layer of supernatural horror to the story.

Design and Details: The Victor Pascow Funko Pop! figure stands at approximately 3.75 inches tall, featuring his bloody and mangled appearance. The figure’s gruesome details, including the head injury he sustained in the accident, make it a chilling addition to any collection. Victor’s ghastly visage serves as a reminder of the story’s warning about tampering with the natural order of life and death.

Why These Figures Make a Perfect Set

Capturing the Essence of “Pet Sematary”

Each figure in this collection captures a critical aspect of the “Pet Sematary” story, from the tragic innocence of Gage Creed to the supernatural warnings of Victor Pascow. Together, they represent the narrative arc of the novel, bringing key moments and characters to life in a tangible form. This set is more than just a collection of figures; it’s a tribute to the chilling tale that has captivated horror fans for decades.

Detailed and Authentic Design

Funko Pop! figures are renowned for their attention to detail and authenticity, and this collection is no exception. Each figure is meticulously crafted to reflect the characters’ appearances in the film adaptations, from the clothing and accessories to the expressions and postures. Collectors will appreciate the care and precision that has gone into creating these figures, making them valuable additions to any collection.

A Must-Have for Horror Fans

For fans of Stephen King and horror enthusiasts, this Funko Pop! set is a must-have. The characters of “Pet Sematary” are iconic in the horror genre, and owning these figures allows fans to bring a piece of that legacy into their homes. Whether displayed on a shelf, desk, or as part of a larger collection, these figures serve as a reminder of the enduring power of King’s storytelling and the impact of “Pet Sematary” on popular culture.

Perfect for Display

The cohesive design of these figures makes them perfect for display as a set. Whether you choose to keep them in their boxes or take them out for a more dynamic display, they are sure to draw attention and spark conversations. The eerie, detailed designs of Gage Creed, Ellie & Church, and Victor Pascow create a striking visual that captures the essence of “Pet Sematary.”

Final Thoughts

The new Funko Pop! “Pet Sematary” figures—Gage Creed, Ellie & Church, and Victor Pascow—are essential additions for any horror fan or collector. Each figure brings to life the chilling characters from Stephen King’s iconic novel, capturing their essence with detailed and authentic designs. As a set, these figures tell the story of “Pet Sematary” in a unique and tangible way, making them perfect for display and a valuable part of any collection. Don’t miss the chance to own these spine-chilling collectibles and celebrate the legacy of one of horror’s greatest stories.

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