Target’s Exclusive: Nightcrawler #1 Funko Pop! Comic Cover

Funko Pop! Comic Covers: Nightcrawler (1985) #1 Funko Pop! Comic Cover Vinyl Figure - Target Exclusive

Funko Pop! Comic Covers: Nightcrawler (1985) #1 Funko Pop! Comic Cover Vinyl Figure – Target Exclusive

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Think Nightcrawler’s only talent is zipping through danger with the X-Men? Prepare to be dazzled! The Nightcrawler (1985) #1 Funko Pop! Comic Cover Vinyl Figure, a 2024 Target Exclusive, is set to teleport into your collection, armed with enough charisma to earn a nod from Wolverine himself.

Now available for pre-order at Target (priced $29.99). To get your hands on this Pop Vinyl Figure at its release, be sure to check out the links I’ve provided below – click to jump or keep scrolling for more details!

Target’s 2024 Exclusive: Nightcrawler #1 Funko Pop! Comic Cover Figure

Take a look at the Nightcrawler (1985) #1 Funko Pop! Comic Cover Vinyl Figure, a Target Exclusive that captures the essence of the classic Marvel hero in mid-leap.

With its vibrant colors and dynamic pose, this figure brings Nightcrawler’s acrobatic flair to life in three dimensions.

The Pop! itself mirrors Nightcrawler’s iconic pose from the 1985 cover, down to the crimson V of his suit and the devil-may-care smile we all know and love.

Marvel enthusiasts will appreciate the attention to detail, as the Funko Pop! Nightcrawler comes complete with his signature blue skin and pointed tail, ready to teleport into your collection.

The backdrop? A replica of the original “Nightcrawler #1” comic book cover, adding a dash of nostalgia to this already striking piece.

It’s a playful nod to the swashbuckling mutant’s debut in his solo adventure, making it a standout piece for collectors and fans.

Marvel Comics’ Nightcrawler #1 Funko Pop! Cover is now available for pre-order at the links below (click to jump!) It’s set to be shipped on Apr 4, 2024

Funko Pop! Comic Covers: Nightcrawler (1985) #1 Funko Pop! Comic Cover Vinyl Figure - Target Exclusive

Funko Pop! Comic Covers: Nightcrawler (1985) #1 Funko Pop! Comic Cover Vinyl Figure - Target Exclusive

Why is Marvel’s Nightcrawler #1 a Must-Read for Comic Fans?

Marvel’s Nightcrawler #1, released in August 1985, remains a significant talking point among comic book readers.

This standalone issue in the X-Men saga, featuring Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner), melds adventure, humor, and captivating storytelling in a single issue.

Dave Cockrum takes the reins as the writer, artist, inker, and colorist, delivering a comic that truly reflects his multifaceted talents.

The story, titled “How Much Is That Boggie in the Window?,” bursts with energy and showcases Cockrum’s commitment to his art.

It begins in the familiar setting of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, more precisely in the Danger Room, where we find Nightcrawler immersed in an acrobatic exercise.

This scene sets the stage, highlighting Kurt’s zest for life and acrobatics, an essential aspect of his character.

The story escalates when Kitty Pryde and Illyana Rasputin’s experiment inadvertently triggers a portal, plunging Nightcrawler and Lockheed, a small purple dragon, into an extraterrestrial dimension.

The shift from a structured setting to an unpredictable alien world is fluid and packed with unexpected developments, keeping readers engaged.

In this new realm, Nightcrawler and Lockheed encounter the T’ai Javinee, a flying sky-galleon under the command of pirate Captain Long John McGurk.

The portrayal of these characters strikes a balance between whimsical and realistic, enriching the plot. Nightcrawler’s bewildered reaction to being called a ‘Boggie’ and Lockheed’s nonchalance at the term’ Frumious Bandersnitch’ adds a touch of humor.

The comic’s pacing is exceptional, with time moving faster in the alien dimension than on Earth, creating a sense of urgency. This contrast in time flow highlights Cockrum’s narrative skill.

Moreover, Nightcrawler’s personality, including his ethics and charm, is at the forefront, particularly evident when he confronts unjust violence.

This issue goes beyond a simple tale of adventure. It delves into Nightcrawler’s character, exploring his charisma, sense of humor, and moral beliefs.

His interactions with Jinjav Sabree, a princess, reveal his charm and personal values. Additionally, the story explores deeper themes like betrayal and imprisonment, contributing to its complexity.

Marvel’s Nightcrawler #1 is a comprehensive exploration of a beloved character interwoven with humor, action, and ethical questions.

It’s a compelling read for anyone interested in the X-Men universe, offering a deep dive into the nuances of Nightcrawler’s character through an engaging and layered narrative.

Funko Pop! Comic Covers: Nightcrawler (1985) #1 Funko Pop! Comic Cover Vinyl Figure – Target Exclusive

Available at:


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