Ninja Power Meets Cybertronian Might: The TMNT x Transformers Crossover!

Transformers x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collaborative Party Wallop

When Heroes Collide: The Ultimate TMNT and Transformers Mash-Up

To all toy enthusiasts and crossover fans,

Prepare to be shell-shocked and awe-struck! Hasbro brings us the Transformers x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collaborative Party Wallop, blending the daring deeds of the Ninja Turtles with the transforming technology of Cybertron.

Shell Up and Roll Out!

This isn’t your everyday action figure; it’s a historical handshake between two universes. The ever-iconic Party Wagon, symbolizing the Turtles’ adventurous spirit, morphs into a 7-inch Transformers robot. With stunning detail and vibrant colors that honor the 1987 classic cartoon, this figure stands at the intersection of nostalgia and innovation.

Party Wagon

Customization Unleashed

This pack isn’t just a figure; it’s an arsenal of memories. Equipped with ninja swords, a bo staff, nunchucks, and ninja sai, it allows you to recreate epic battles with a twist. Plus, the four swappable heads and rotating The Transformers x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collaborative Party Wallop figure is a 7-inch robot that transforms from the iconic Party Wagon into a robot. It features stunning detail and vibrant colors honoring the 1987 classic cartoon. 


A Collector’s Dream or Playtime’s Best Friend

Whether you’re a seasoned collector seeking to add a unique piece to your showcase or a fan looking to re-enact the greatest Turtle-Transformer team-ups, Party Wallop delivers. It’s more than meets the eye; it’s a fusion of two worlds that invites imagination to soar.

Why This Crossover Is a Must-Have

In the realm of action figures, the TMNT x Transformers Party Wallop is a testament to Hasbro’s ingenuity and the enduring legacy of both series—a collectible that’s bound to be a centerpiece of discussions and displays.

Add It to Your Collection Before It Disappears Into the Sewers or Sky!

This limited edition mash-up is ready to take place among fans’ prized possessions worldwide. Grab the Transformers x TMNT Party Wallop and let the crossover craze take over your collection. 

Some alliances are unexpected, some battles are legendary, and some collectibles are indispensable. The TMNT x Transformers Party Wallop is all three. Make sure to secure yours and let the Cybertronian-ninja action unfold!

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