Now Live: Target Exclusive Funko Pop Marvel Daredevil Black Light


Exciting news for Marvel fans and Funko POP! collectors alike! Target has launched an exclusive and captivating series of Daredevil Funko POP! figures, each showcasing a unique chapter from the riveting saga of Marvel’s beloved superhero, Daredevil. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newfound admirer, these figures are must-haves for your display.


  1. Funko POP! Jumbo: Marvel Daredevil First Appearance Yellow/Red Figures (Target Exclusive): Embrace the nostalgia with the jumbo-sized figure celebrating Daredevil’s original debut in Marvel Comics. This figure features the iconic yellow and red costume, a true homage to Daredevil’s early adventures.
  2. Funko POP! Marvel: Daredevil Shadowland Black/Red Figure (Target Exclusive): Immerse in the darker chapter of Daredevil’s story with the Shadowland Black/Red figure. This design reflects Daredevil’s complex turn in the gripping ‘Shadowland’ storyline, a compelling addition for any enthusiast.
  3. Funko POP! Comic Cover: Marvel Daredevil 220 Vinyl Figure (Target Exclusive): This unique figure immortalizes the iconic cover of Marvel’s Daredevil issue #220. It’s a tribute to the enduring artistry and storytelling of the Daredevil series.
  4. Funko POP! Marvel: Classic Daredevil Figure (Target Exclusive): A testament to the time-honored superhero, this classic figure captures Daredevil in his traditional red suit, embodying the vigilante spirit that has captivated fans for generations.
  5. Funko POP! Marvel: Armored Daredevil Fall From Grace Figure (Target Exclusive): Depicting Daredevil’s ‘Fall From Grace’ era, this figure showcases the armored suit from this pivotal storyline. It symbolizes the evolution and resilience of the character over the years.


These Target exclusive Funko POP! figures offer a stunning visual journey through Daredevil’s rich history in Marvel Comics.

Available now at Target, these figures are a spectacular find for any Marvel fan and a testament to the enduring legacy of Daredevil. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of superhero history!

Head over to Target now to grab your favorite Daredevil Funko POP! figure before they’re all snapped up

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