Pop! Animation: Johnny Quest With Bandit & Hadji 2-Pack

Among the adventure series that made the fame of the 60s, one stood out and now is back on the air: “Jonny Quest.” The drawing, created by cartoonist Doug Wildey (deceased in 1994), premiered on September 18, 1964, and was the first realistic animation of Hanna-Barbera Studios, mixing science fiction and adventures in exotic places, besides, of course, the charismatic characters.

Jonny was the curious, nosy, and brave boy who headed the cast—always accompanied by his faithful bulldog Bandit. So much so that Wildey created his Indian friend Hadji as a way to prevent Jonny from spending the drawing talking only with his dog. Adopted by Jonny’s father, Hadji possessed some magical powers that he inherited from his culture.

The father of the young hero was the scientist Dr. Benton Quest, the target of spies of enemy powers, protected by the gray-haired agent Roger “Race” Bannon. Together, and armed with miraculous devices created by Dr. Quest, this unusual family faced all sorts of adversaries like mummies, alien monsters, or the great villain Dr. Zin, Dr. Quest’s mortal archenemy.

Attending the fans, in 1986 Quest returned, in 13 new adventures. In 1997, came the last series, with 52 episodes, filled with computer effects (the “Virtual World Quest”) and with the most-aged characters.

Funko is now bringing the Funko Pop! Animation: Johnny Quest with Bandit & Hadji 2-Pack Funko Pop! Bundle Vinyl Figures as a Funko Shop Exclusive. These are two amazing pops to bring home to your collection! These pops are certainly a must-have to all Jonny Quest fans out there! Simply nostalgic! Awesome job Funko!

The Funko Pop! Johnny Quest with Bandit and Funko Pop! Hadji 2-Pack Bundle is available at Funko Shop at 11 AM PDT today and limited to 2 purchases a customer. You can also try the eBay store. All the links are right below.

Funko Pop! Animation: Johnny Quest with Bandit & Hadji 2-Pack Funko Pop! Bundle Vinyl Figures – Funko Shop Exclusive

Available at:

Funko Shop

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