Pop! Comedians: Jeff Dunham And Peanuts

Jeff Dunham is one of America’s best comedians and is already in third place on the so-called Comedy Rich List in the States. The stand-up comedian already sat on Johnny Carsen’s holy couch and created some really incredibly blunt characters: There’s Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Old Walter,  Jose Jalapeno, known in almost every household and Peanut.

Peanut is a “woozle” and Jeff’s most hyperactive puppet. It comes from Micronesia. Peanut has a small green tuft of hair on the top of his head and white fur covering most of his body. His trademark is to sweep through the tuft of hair with his left hand and say, “Neeeeeow! Peanut always claims that Jeff Dunham is pronounced “Jeff-afa Dun-Ham”. The word he probably uses the most is “freaking.”

He has only one sneaker on his left foot.  When Jeff Dunham asks him how come he lost a shoe, Peanut simply answers that he just found one…

Wanna laugh? Ladies and gentlemen, Jeff Dunham and Funko are about to bring a little madness with this Pop! Comedians: Jeff Dunham And Peanuts Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Pop! Comedians: Jeff Dunham And Peanuts Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

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